Saturday, March 3, 2012



We don’t have cable ‘round here.  We have maybe 5 channels through our basic connection but that’s about it.  We actually haven’t had cable for several years.  Don’t want to pay for it.  So we do Netflix and love it.  A long while ago I put something on our queue but forgot about it. 

Yesterday it came in the mail after I returned #1,324 of BarbieFairySomethingStupidandObnoxious movie.

It was The NeverEnding Story!  I was so excited.  I thought, “Hey the girls will love this!  I was obsessed with this movie when I was younger!”

And then KC brought me back to reality.  He asked, “Are you crazy?  That movie is scary.”

No way! It’s totally awesome. 

Oh wait.  That’s right.  The wolf.  The big scary heads.  The giant rock eater.  Sinking Artex (break out the tissue.)  The giant turtle.  The swamps of sadness.  The southern oracle.  The scary half naked sphinxs.  And of course…the Nothing.

Woops.  Maybe they wouldn’t like it.  Yes it would definitely scare the living daylights out of them. 

So it turned into a date night movie instead.  That’s right.  My 30 something year old husband and myself of 27 almost 28 years very much enjoyed watching this movie last night.  It was very nostalgic.  Cute Bastian and the creepy old book store owner.  And where in the H was Bastian’s dad this whole time?  Did he just not give a darn where his son was all day?

Looks like the girls will have to wait a few years to watch it with us. 

And most importantly..after 20 odd years I finally realized the name he calls out is MoonChild.  What the??


debora said...

I'm pretty sure I let you watch this when you were 5. Hope you weren't too traumatized.

Manda said...

Jon and I had this exact discussion a couple months ago. We previewed it, and decided there was no way we were showing that to our kids yet!

Ryan said...

I love that movie!

Lindsay said...

Ahh, the memories. "Fight the sadness, Artex!" That was especially hard for me since I loved horses so much. And Moon Child? Are you sure? What, was his mom a Native American or something?

Dave and Lorianne Flint said...

A classic! I used to put a necklace with a hanging jewel on my forehead and pretend to be the princess girl.


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