Tuesday, October 20, 2009

30 things

Hubby is 20......er...30 today and in honor of that here are 30 things I love about him:

1. He surfs
2. He snowboards
3. He skateboards
4. He has piercing blue eyes and has thankfully passed those on to my girls
5. He knows how to make me laugh....a lot.
6. He loves my cooking
7. He eats my cookies after I demand that he does, so that I won't eat all of them myself
8. He has a better body now than he did when he was 24 (And he was pretty hot back then too)
9. He can keep up with my Dad on 20-30 mile runs.
10. He loves playing and acting silly with his girls and they adore him.
11. He is a positive person by nature but is constantly reading books on how to be even more positive.
12. He is a kid at heart.
13. He usually lets me win arguments (the few that we have)
14. He comes from an awesome family
15. He has a firm testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
16. He can fluently speak European (much prettier and more fluid than Brazilian) Portuguese and some weird dialect of West Africa.
17. Sometimes I think my parents like him more than they like me.
18. He is amazing in his calling at church as the Venture Leader for the 16-18 year old boys. I'm sure he will be there for a long time as the boys love him so much.
19. He never, ever ever leaves the toilet seat up.
20. He can juggle....knives.
21. He's good at almost everything he does (which can almost be annoying sometimes)
22. He only goes to the gym once the girls are in bed so that I can have peace and quiet.
23. He's very outdoorsy which helps our family be more outdoorsy and my girls love it. (So do I!)
24. I can talk to him about anything and everything and he listens very well.
25. I can rely on him to give myself or our kids Priesthood blessings and that brings me great comfort.
26. He is always willing to help other people, even if it's inconvenient.
27. He introduced me to sushi which has become my all time favorite food.
28. He doesn't play video games.
29. He has made me feel like the most attractive woman on the planet almost every day of our 5 -year marriage (plus the year that we dated.)
30. He is sealed to me for eternity.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mommy of the year

This one. Sigh. So cute right? Why would anyone want to make her cry?

Well I did.

Clipping her fingernails last night turned into a blood bath. I all but clipped off the tip of her pointer finger. I felt absolutely terrible. Awful. What kind of mommy am I?

Not only that but this little girl has been harboring some fungal or bacterial infection in her middle finger of the same hand.


Look at me...hiding the damage I did to her other finger.

It's been there for TWO MONTHS. I know it's paronychia. I've been to the pediatrician who didn't seem all that concerned. A full course of antibiotics did absolutely nothing for it which makes me suspect that it's fungal and not bacterial. But c'mon....two months?!! It looks so painful.

Poor girl.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A few more..

We hiked Havasupai this last weekend. It's an oasis that is part of the Grand Canyon. It's incredible. It is 11 miles from the top of the canyon to the nearest waterfall. Absolutely 100% worth every step.

I don't dare take credit for these photos with the exception of the last one. Let's just say I coveted my Father in-law's wide angle lens during this whole trip.


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