Monday, March 19, 2012

Family First

This last week the cousins were in town.  It’s always the best because all the kids run around and entertain each other and my sister and I are left to snuggle our delicious babies in peace (most of the time.)

My comical little niece.  One of her favorite things to do is throw herself on her uncles.  It’s the funniest thing.  Apparently she does this to her daddy a lot.  Hmm…throwing herself on men (watch out for that during her teenage years!)

 But seriously…she’s hard to resist. 

She and Munchkin went off a lot on their own and a few times we walked in on them playing in the tub, using their cute little imaginations.

After snapping a few pictures Munchkin asked, “Mommy…did you get a picture of my soap?”  I said, “What?”  “My soap!”  Sure enough, after looking through the pictures…I found it.  Can you? 

They enjoyed painting on the computer.  Also, what is it with kids and potty talk?  If more than three of them are together it’s poop this and pee that.  They think it’s hysterical.  We had to nip that in the bud a few times.

Sadly they had to leave this morning and I’m going through withdrawal.  Wish they lived a lot closer.  My sister has a few pictures of our little men together so I’ll have to snake those from her later.

After hangin with cousins we went and hung out with Papa and NeeNee after they got back from an extended stay in Hawaii (don’t be too jealous, it rained most of the time and they passed around the flu with their fellow travelers.)

We (as in everybody but me because I was busy taking pictures) played a little “baseball” in their backyard.

Being with family is our favorite thing in the entire world.  Hence the name of this blog.


Hannah said...

perfect kids, saw other pis of them, i love that they all have the same ears. =)
And you're completly right, a lot of kids one one place are so good to entertain each other...

Lindsay said...

Miss you all! So much. Move here.

Kelli said...

Can't believe I never commented on this - cause Maya's soap makes me laugh so hard. So random.


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