Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life Lessons

What I have learned after having children:

  • That labor and delivery is rarely, if ever, what it looks like on T.V.
  • That pregnancy can be exciting, nauseating, exhausting and wonderful all at the same time
  • That the smell of a newborn is the most intoxicating perfume known to mankind
  • That you can blink your eyes and your baby is no longer a baby
  • That you will wipe things down 187,00 times in one day and the blasted table is STILL sticky
  • That seeing your husband interact with your children makes him infinitely more attractive
  • That the sounds of whining are bad enough to make you wish you were deaf....or dead.
  • That binkies and sippy cups disappear into some kind of abyss never to return
  • That if, by some miracle, you DO find a rogue sippy cup then THROW IT OUT, it has probably grown appendages
  • That being covered in spit up, vomit, poop and urine no longer phase you but a spider running across the ground sends you screaming for your husband
  • Diaper genies, changing tables, wipes warmers and shoes for newborns are a colossal waste of money
  • That terrible-twos ain't got nothin' on Three
  • That toddlers and preschoolers are mini dictators
  • That a 3 year-old can manipulate impressively well
  • That you will never get tired of kisses from your children no matter how slobbery and slimy they are
  • That instead of getting annoyed by others' screaming children in a store or an airplane, all you are truly thinking is, "That poor, poor mother."
  • *That trying to do laundry or get on the computer or eat a sandwich or take a shower or go to the bathroom or lie down for two seconds or talk on the phone or read a book or watch a show or eat a sandwich or take a shower or go to the bathroom while your kids are awake is... IMPOSSIBLE
  • You WILL use your hand as a kleenex on more than one occasion
  • Leftover crusts of sandwich=lunch for mommy
  • Going grocery shopping ALONE is like a mini vacation
  • Unexpected snuggles make everything better even if you have had an awful day
  • That you will feel like supermom if you read your child more than three a ROW
  • That hearing your preschooler saying a prayer and giving thanks for trivial things will warm your heart and make you realize that you too should be grateful for "trivial" things
  • That motherhood is, at times, incredibly difficult but the rewards are never-ending
  • That the thought of something happening to your child will cause you to hyperventilate
  • That you will love your children so much more than you could have ever imagined

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Spent three days...three childless days alone with this man.

Saw two movies. Went out to eat every night.

Felt like we were dating again. Held is hand. He opened doors.

Worked out together, went to the pool together.


I highly recommend it. Just with your own man (or woman).

Friday, August 14, 2009


Five years ago today I was walking out of the temple. I had just gotten sealed for time and all eternity to the most amazing man I had ever met.

My friend decided one day that I go should go on a date with this guy. I barely knew him. His sister was friends with my sister but that was the jist of what I knew of him.

It was a triple date. He was so polite. I thought it was strange. He opened doors for me. I thought, "Guys actually DO this?" He also teased me about wanting a lemon in my water at Chili's (he now asks for one too whenever we go out to eat!) I kept thinking that he was too nice. Where's the edge?

After the date he asked for my number. I gave it to him thinking he probably wouldn't call. He called two days later. He left a message. I was unsure about calling him back but my friend harassed me until I did. He didn't answer but as soon as I finished leaving him a message he called back. He asked me out again. Our next date was surfing. He taught me out to stand up on the board. I got up one time out of the 8 times I tried. He was so patient.

We continued to date on the weekends. Four months into our relationship he asked me if I wanted to go with him to Ethiopia. Uh...yeah. Sure? Why not? So we went, with his parents and about 25 other people. It was there that I knew I was going to marry him.

Helping his mom in the medical tent.

On an 8 passenger plane back to Addis Ababa. That would be Ethiopian Diet Coke we are drinking. Thirty minutes after this picture was taken, I barfed. So romantic.

Our whole group. Us in the middle. Gee whiz we look so young.

After that trip we both went back to school in Utah where we continued to "court" for another 6 months until he decided he was ready to commit. :)

We were engaged.

And married three months later.

Had two beautiful daughters.

And still remain best friends.

He is an incredible listener and communicator. He is hilarious and witty. His sense of humor is in fact what made me fall in love with him. He is an amazing father and a hard worker. He can strike up genuine conversations with strangers off the street. He makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when you are talking to him. He makes new friends easily but never forgets the ones he has always had.


He changes diapers. Poopy ones.

I love you honey! Our marriage is not perfect and we are not perfect people but I know that you are perfect for *me.*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Fun

I love being with my little family. Four is such a great number so we are trying to take advantage of the nice even number of our family before we decide to add a fifth and throw off the balance.

We love to go on bike rides and strap the kids in their trailer. And now we can hike with both of the kids. We just scored a great deal on a second Kelty backpack off Craigslist from a woman who used it twice. I'm still pretty proud of myself for finding it!

The kids love it as well. They are up high on our backs and can see as far as they want. We received about 5 different comments from passer-by's about the packs. People were amazed we could wear them and hike at the same time. I think Kelty should sponsor us.

I'm not gonna lie, my hubby is pretty attractive wearing this thing.

I love posing next to markers.

We took advantage of the pleasant summer evening and let the kids run around after the hike. I couldn't help but snap pictures of one of my favorite subjects. Look at those baby blues.

Best of all (aside from buying the pack) this fun was FREE. We are always trying to think of things to do as a family that won't cost us money. In the end these outings always turn out to be the most memorable.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hiking Trip

So I (the husband) led 6 of my Priests on a hiking trip in Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon for 3 days. It went surprisingly well. No injuries, no fighting, everyone completed all the hikes, and no one got carsick (this is the most impressive since the roads are always curving, I swear it does not stay straight for more than 20 yards throughout the whole park!)

We went hiking for 2 solid days and covered about 24 miles. We hiked Alta Peak, which is about 11, 200 feet. It is not super tall, especially for those reading in Utah and Colorado, (although, you can see Mt. Whitney from the top, which is the tallest in the contiguous US, I had to break it to a mission comp from South Jordan that the tallest mountain in the US is not in Utah. He didn't believe me and laughed when I said it was located in California), but it is still quite the climb. The last 1.8 miles climbs 2000 feet. My boys were pretty winded the last couple hundred feet, you really feel the altitude once you get over 10,000 +. Round trip it was 14 miles. The scenery was amazing. At the top it was mid 50's and with the wind chill it was easily in the low 40's. The ones that forgot a shell were freezing.

The second day we hiked Big Baldy and Muir Grove. Big Baldy was very cloudy. Muir Grove was beautiful. Few people go to this grove and is just gorgeous. Tons of huge sequoias and no one around. We saw a bear on the way back. The bear could care less that we were within 15 feet of it. It just ate and cruised around while we snapped off photos.

On the way home we saw General Sherman (biggest tree in the whole world, not tallest but most volume), and then we hiked the 1/2 mile to the top of Moro Rock. This is probably the most popular hike in the park.

Cool trip. I'm lucky I have a great calling and especially lucky to have such a supportive and understanding wife that takes care of the girls while I'm away.

Leading the 6 up Alta Peak.

2/3 of the way there.

Almost there.

Top of Alta Peak

From the top- Alta Meadow below.

That is Mt. Whitney in the very center. The farthest peak back below the big cloud. It is about 14 miles away from Alta Peak.

Top of Alta Peak- Looking north towards Jennie Nat'l Lakes Wilderness & Giant Sequoia Nat'l Monument.

Top of Big Baldy

The bear from Muir Grove hike.

Top of Moro Rock.

Read the sign.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A numbers game

10 minutes in the shower
1 movie playing for Diva
1 refrigerator door wide open
12 eggs smashed into the leather couch
20 minutes spent cleaning it up
30 Clorox disinfectant wipes later
1 outfit ruined for the day
1 hosed down 3 year-old

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Full circle and dreams

This is the scene I see by my bedside every night.
Then I have flashbacks of doing the same thing in my parents' room on a regular basis.
My dad likes to tease me that I slept in their room until I was 14. Not sure if that's entirely correct.
I actually don't mind Diva in our bedroom much. She doesn't protest bedtime when I agree to her sleeping in our room. And I am all for one less battle.

This morning I awoke to her crying, in a half-asleep sort of way. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she wanted to ride in the blue truck that Daddy was driving but he drove away. Later she elaborated that he also drove on the grass and into a house. I guess dreams aren't supposed to make sense. Still cute nonetheless.

Then there's Lil' Sis' (you can't tell in this pic but I indeed cut her mullet off)
She likes to sleep shirtless. It's so friggin' hot.
She wasn't happy being awoken by a flash. I wouldn't be either.

I love to watch my girls sleep. Their calm and peaceful faces remind me that they are truly little angels from Heaven. And I am forever grateful for those reminders. He knows I need them.


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