Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So after reading my friend Kate's blog about forwards I HAD to post here saying one thing:

I LOATHE forwards. Seriously, seriously, seriously I do not like them. There are only a few exceptions when I will actually open them and read them and they are as follows:

-My sister, mom or husband sent it to me. They know I hate forwards so if they are sending me one, it must be worthwhile.

-The subject line says, "OPEN THIS AND READ IT."

Pretty much other than that if I see FW:Fw:fw: in the subject line of any email it is the words of Homestar.....DELTEETED!!

So far, from breaking thousands of email chains, none of these things have happened:

-I have not died
-An anvil falling from the sky has not landed on me
-My house has not caught on fire
-My 3667 boyfriends have not broken up with me, although I wouldn't give a crap if they did.
-Most people still care about me despite my not forwarding emails
-I am still a good person
- Amazingly, good things still happen in my life even if I don't sent those stupid things on!

In turn when I actually DID forward emails, back in my naive high school days (and trust me, the SAME emails are STILL circling!) these things did or did NOT happen either:

-I did not receive 5 million dollars from Bill Gates or AOL or Yahoo or whomever.
-The little girl is probably still waiting for her [insert organ] transplant.
-The @#)(* punchline to the joke never showed up even after I sent it to 7 + people.
-I did not receive a call at 10:54 pm from one of said 3667 boyfriends telling me he loved me and wants to marry me.

So before you go on and click that FORWARD TO ALL button just think, 99% of those people on your forward list have already seen the cute bunnies, kitties, doggies, or the hilarious jokes about Bill Clinton or Hillary or Bush, or the silly video of idiots hurting themselves, or the lame jokes about men vs. women, or the crazy (DOCTORED!!!) pictures of airplanes crashing in someone's backyard, or even those stupid jump-out-and-scare-the-poo-outta-whomever-is-sitting-near-the-computer forwards, or perhaps those pseudo heart-warming forwards with pictures of beaches and angels...yeah......seen those too.

So now you know, forwards are the root of all evil.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My blog is a boring blog.

So I was doing some blog surfing and I realized I have like the most boring blog ever, aesthetically speaking (because really my posts are dang awesome.) So, anybody up for the challenge of making it cuter, because I haven't the slightest idea how to do it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Party Time!

Diva is two years old! Where does the time go? We had a fun day, although it started out a little not-so-fun (for mommy at least.) This morning I had to start off Diva's day with a time-out after she slapped her 4 week old sister in the face (purposefully!!) Then, being the sweet, caring, generous mommy that I am I decided to take her to Jamba Juice. Although this is strictly a daddy-daughter outing on daddy's days off. She even said, "Daddy...Jamba!!!" How dare I infringe on her dates with daddy!! She didn't protest too much so away we went. I ordered her a Strawberry's Whirl and we walked outside to the amphitheater to hang out on the steps. She then decided to trip and fall off the top step directly into a pile of mud sending her Strawberry's whirl onto the hard concrete. Let me tell you it is pretty difficult trying to console a [VERY MUDDY] 2 year- old whilst carrying a newborn in a sling along with your diaper bag and your 2 year-old's baby doll. I carried her to Starbucks, cleaned her up in the bathroom, ditched any last efforts of trying to be a "fun" mommy and left. Nap time soon followed.

We managed to salvage the rest of her day by throwing her a fun little party at my parent's house. (thanks mom and dad!) Nee Nee and Papa joined us and Diva was SPOILED ROTTEN by the MANY MANY presents she received. Book, puzzles, clothes, sunglasses, TWO lawn mowers, lip-gloss were among the list of gifts. However the present she was most excited about was this;

Nee Nee and Papa gave her a bike just her size! She LOVES IT!!!

She DID love her books as well....

But this dang bike stole all my gift-giving thunder (kidding Nee Nee!)

And of course had to throw in pics of the newest little one.

Diva reveled in the spotlight (what else is new??)

And proudly showing off her sweeeeeet new sunglasses Gamma gave her.

All in all it was a fun night and I'm grateful to have family so close by to share these moments with us. Diva is surrounded by a lot of love and attention so I don't feel too guilty leaving her for 10 minutes to watch Blue's Clues while I feed my other daughter. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Why is it that I think this movie is so dang hilarious?? It is in fact pretty stupid. Awhile ago Hubby and I decided to rent a movie and faced with a lack of options we chose Hot Rod. We went in with no expectations. Let me just say there are very few movies I've seen where I have laughed so hard I cried. I also may have a weird celebrity crush on Andy Samberg. Shh.....don't tell Hubby.

After we had to return it we immediately looked up all the funny scenes on You Tube. Thank you You Tube.

For your viewing pleasure... do yourselves a favor and watch the WHOLE clip. This is my favorite part of the movie. It will not disappoint.

Hot Rod

Friday, April 11, 2008

Best Big Sis

I know I'm biased but I have extremely cute daughters. Today I took these pictures and video of Diva holding her little sis. She was very territorial yet VERY proud as you can see in the video.
What you didn't see was her complete meltdown when I took the baby away from her. The only thing to calm her down? Chocolate. She is her mother's daughter. Or should I say, she is her "gamma's" granddaughter. It's all your fault mom.

P.S. Sometimes I am guilty of not watching videos on people's blogs. So if you do take the 2.5 minutes to watch this video....bless your heart. You are a true friend. If you are a family member I EXPECT you to watch this video. You are obligated by birth.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Owies and coots

A couple months ago Diva was officially welcomed into toddlerhood/preschoolerhood by getting her first "real" owies. She ran out into the street making her poor pregnant mother (sound familiar mom??) run after her and she fell hard on both knees and acquired some pretty decent abrasions. Of course we captured it on film. She screamed for all of 5 seconds but stopped once she realized she was getting "ban-yays." She was SO proud of them. However to this day she still believes she has "owies" on her knees and will kiss them herself.

The other day we went to a nearby man-made lake in the middle of an apartment complex to see some ducks and coots. Coots are apparently very much hated by the residents because they poop everywhere. They migrate to this place in the spring and summer. The residents want to kill them but then you have issues with animal right activists. For now though, they serve a good entertainment purpose for a 2 year-old.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Request for more pictures!

Without further ado here are a few more pictures.

Diva is very intrigued by this new addition. She's very loving albeit slightly abusive. She's always saying, "I kiss it! I kiss it!"

Little angel. She's adorable right? You better agree with me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Okay I can FINALLY post something now. My blog was taken over because apparently blogspot thought it was a spam blog and they locked it for 4 days! Poo on you blogspot.

Anyway, as most of you know by now I gave birth to our precious baby Lil' Sis on March 27th. Yes, her due date. How ironic that I was on here complaining about still being pregnant and then I had her a mere several hours later. I know some of you want to know details but I'll be careful about TOO many details because I know many of my brothers will read this as well as couple childless friends so I'll leave some stuff out for your benefit. *wink*

Anyway so I came on here whining about being pregnant. I was feeling "off" but I attributed that to being nearly 10 months pregnant. Around 2pmish I started having contractions. They were irregular and not very painful so I tried not to think too much of them. I had a normal Dr. appt at 3 pm. I thought, "well if these are real contractions they should be doing something so I'll go get checked and see if anything is happening." I had avoided all other internal exams up until this point because well, they are flippin uncomfortable and any woman who has been pregnant before knows they are pointless anyway.

The Dr. checks me (meanwhile still having somewhat regular contractions) and he says, "Well this baby really likes it in there, you're closed and still very high." For you never preggos and males that basically means, "ha ha ha sucker you'll probably still be pregnant for another week."

I thought, "Like heck I'm going to come to another Dr. appt, let's get these contractions going!!" I dilly dally at home with Diva for about an hour. I never bothered to time contractions, I was only focusing on how intense they were and they were still very tolerable. HOWEVER around 4 I had two CRAZY intense contractions back to back so I called Hubby and told him he should probably come home. I am grateful that both his work AND the hospital are within 2 miles of our place.

After those crazy contractions, they died down a bit and weren't as painful. I'll admit, I WANTED more pain because I thought the more mild contractions weren't doing anything. So when Hubby got home I said, "Let's take a walk." He jokingly said, "I raced home to expect to have to rush to the hospital and you want to take a STROLL around the block???" So we load up Diva in the stroller and cruise around the neighborhood. This helped pick up the contractions even though Hubby was convinced I might give birth right there in the street.

I finally called my mom some time around 5ish and told her she probably should come get Diva. I hesitated calling her because I honestly thought the contractions might stop and I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. So she picked her up around 5:30 but watched me through a couple contractions, with pure jealously I'm sure. ha ha...kidding mom. She told Hubby we should probably go to the hospital SOON. However I was bound and determined to wait as long as possible because the LAST thing I wanted was to get to the hospital and have them tell me, "You're 3 cm." For those of you who don't know I was wanting to go without pain meds (epidural) and when you get to the hospital they immediately hook you up to all sorts of contraptions limiting your mobility and basically forcing you to stay in bed which is the LAST place a laboring mother wants to be. Home was a much better place. I actually sat draped over an exercise ball with a heating pad on my back and watched Friends. I was feeling good in between contractions so I felt there was no rush. However they started to come every 5 minutes...then every 4....when they started coming every 2 minutes I told Hubby it was probably time to go. We arrived at the hospital around 6:50 pm. They checked me and hallelujah I was 7 cm!!! I was actually shocked by how far I had come because my contractions were only somewhat intolerable at their peaks. I attribute this to my water being intact the entire time. It made for a MUCH less intense labor experience.

Things moved VERY quickly after that. I had an incredibly amazing nurse. Once she knew I was wanting to go natural she made every effort to help me reach that goal. She never bothered with an IV, she let me move around and was always very encouraging.

Around 7:30ish I felt it.....that crazy intense, uncontrollable urge to bear down. I thought, "oh crap this baby is coming!" So I got back into bed and laid on my side. Hubby summoned the nurse. She came in and checked me one last time and I was ready to go, but my bag of waters was still intact. The Dr. had not arrived yet so the nurse did not want to break my water seeing as how once she did that the baby would be here and she'd have to deliver her herself. Well she had NO CHOICE. hahaha. My water popped on it's own and Lil' Sis was a VERY impatient baby. She came out in two pushes within 2 minutes and was born at 7:40 pm. I was totally euphoric after that. Natural childbirth is very intense* but that feeling that immediately rushes over your body once your baby is born is a feeling all druggies and junkies wish they could bottle up and sell on the streets. I was totally in shock. I said to myself, "Did that really just happen???" I felt super fantastic and got up and moved around shortly after my Babita had her first meal. I then went home the next day at 1 pm.

So here are some pics. I definitely need to take more seeing as how they change so quickly. Her stats were 6lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long. She's beautiful and we love every piece of her!


*I never really like to say labor is "painful" because it's a completely different kind of pain. I always call it "intense" because that is EXACTLY what it is. The body is doing incredible things and the power of a woman's muscles interacting together to birth a child is an experience that can really only be called intense. Well, in my opinion anyway.


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