Saturday, August 18, 2012

I die

A beautiful picture of princess Aurora [kissy.jpg]


I share these two pictures in hopes to properly illustrate the hilarity of tonight’s moment. It’s no secret my girls love acting and dressing like princesses. Well….

It was waaaay past their bedtime tonight.  They were still up and playing.  No shocker there.  I was walking past their bedroom to put the baby to bed when I see them standing in the middle of their room, Miss Munchkin donned in full princess garb and Diva dipping Munchkin so gracefully (just like the picture) and planting a big fat smooch on Munchkin’s lips.  “Oh my prince!” says a little Munchkin voice.

P.S.A it is not safe to hold your baby whilst trying to sustain a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This man

rugged in Santa Cruz

8 years ago I married this guy.  It’s tough to put into words how much I love and care about him.  He is by far, the best guy I know. It’s difficult to find a guy who is compassionate, charismatic, strong in his faith, respectful of women, loves his mother, will change a dirty diaper, can grow a pretty awesome beard, can make you laugh AND is pretty darn good looking.  Well folks….I have him! 

The list is endless and I can go on and on but another thing about this dude?  His humility.  He would hate it if I did.

Best decision of my life.

P.S.  He also gave me three of the most beautiful, happiest little humans.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Out of nowhere….this guy turned six months old. My sweet bald baby with chubby thighs, curious eyes and so generous with his smiles. 

He is starting to realize I am the one he wants, he grins ear to ear when I come into the room and after whining and crying in his bed when it’s time to sleep for the night, he will immediately relax when I pick him up and lay him on my chest.  I love.

I just barely started the whole solid eating process, or rather HE did, I have in fact been eating solid foods for quite some time. First on the menu was avocado and so far, he’s digging it. 

He loves loves his sisters, even when they manhandle him. 

We love our baby brother.  I hope the next 6 months slows down.  A lot. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Santa Cruz…what a gorgeous place!  Farmlands overlooking the ocean?  Say no more!

A painful smile.  She was a little cold while we waited outside the Aquarium.



My nephew Z surrounded by the ladies.  He’s a charmer.



$15 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich? Sure!  When in Rome!  Gouge your eyes out!!  Anything to prevent a colossal hunger meltdown.


All aboard the train through the redwoods.  So beautiful.  I want a redwood forest in my backyard.  That’s reasonable…right?

Oh yes, she brought her camera. 


Why yes, I *am* alive.

The end!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Berry Pickin

As I mentioned before, we went berry picking…here are the rest of the photos.  And can I just say it was like a photographer’s HEAVEN there?  Aside from the flat lighting due to overcast skies, it was so gorgeous. 


Not a pie fan, but I bet these were amazing.








After boysenberries it was time for strawberries.  They were to die for.  Never had a better strawberry in my life.


There were a few “no grazing” signs.  Guess who doesn’t know how to read?




I  barely edited these photos. Colors are pure and true! Like I said, to.die.for.

Can I go back now?



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