Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just some cuteness....

She loves her sister. I think.

I promise I didn't PLAN all the pink. It just happened like that.

Sorry to Nee Nee. I chopped off her head. I'm not a very good photographer. And P.S. That is a doll stroller. P.P. S. I hate it to say it but my daughter looks like some rolley polley hobbit in that thing.

"No no Diva..don't pick her up!"

Friday, May 23, 2008


Leigh's (Li) comment reminded me to post this picture.

(click on it to enlarge)

-He may be somewhat of a hoax, but he's a rich hoax.

-Yes my husband looks 5 years-old.

-Those are some old college buddies he randomly saw there.

-I think Bear was drunk.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag Time!

I'm finally cool enough to be tagged! Thanks Kate, I feel "official" in the blogging world now.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Twirling flags in pageantry. Oh how I wish I had a pic on my computer.
2. Getting up at the BCOD for seminary and hating it.
3. Jumping over hurdles and running in track meets.
4. Annoying the crap out of my mother.
5. Feeling like the smallest little pip squeak in all of high school. (I probably was)

5 things on my to do list

1. Eat lunch
2. Get skinny again
3. Go to the gym (coincides with #2)
4. Resist the temptation to make more cookies (sabotages #2 and 3)
5. Make dinner

5 favorite snacks/food

2. hummus
3. homemade bread
4. homemade cookies
5. strawberries

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire

1. Buy a nice home
2. Buy my sister a nice home next door
3. Buy a home in Hawaii
4. fill up my gas tank
5. Buy 2 gallons of milk

5 bad habits

1. Not wearing sunscreen
2. Wasting time
3. watching TV
4. Forgetting to eat
5. Losing track of my child

5 places I have lived

1. California
2. Utah
3. United States
4. Earth
5. The Universe

5 people I tag...muahahahaha

2. JAE
4. MOM
5. Dad (yes you both have to do it...on the fam blog)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What the crap??

I realize I say, "What the crap" too much but whatever, I'm still saying it because I always and because I like to say it. Right Lindz?

So the purpose of my post; someone please explain to me why it feels like THIS outside-
When it is actually supposed to look and feel like THIS-

And if you say global warming I'll punch you, or make you come over and watch my 2 year old when she's missed her nap.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tales of DUB and Blankie

*This post is mostly just musings of a perplexed parent but I know other parents will empathize with me.*

Meet *DUB. Born at Target sometime ago she was purchased by my mother in-law and consequently stole the heart of an unsuspecting 19 month old. Unfortunately she has taken up permanent residence in our home for the past 5 months.

At first she looks like a normal baby doll. No no my friends, she is something else. My little toddler decided to tattoo her prized possession with a lovely green, permanent marker.

Not only that, she was also born with a sad, ugly tuft of hair growing out the top of her head like a spout of water. Future rocker? Or perhaps, maybe, she has high hopes of becoming a Samurai.
Whatever the reason we always receive strange looks when DUB is brought out in public (which, if I can help it, is RARELY.)

We have lovingly dubbed (har har) this baby doll, DUB. Dang. Ugly. Baby. Even Diva walks around saying, "Find baby DUB. Where baby DUB?" (Yes we have tried hiding it from her on many occasion.) She has been in the bath so many times that I think her insides are starting to mold, thus adding to her DUBiness.

So with high hopes I had Diva go to Target with Nee Nee, the perpetrator who brought DUB into our lives. Diva picked out and my mother in-law bought this beautiful, normal, healthy looking baby doll.

And do you THINK Diva loves her as much as DUB? NO! Of course not. What was I thinking??? This poor baby has been cast aside. Presently she is lying face down in the corner of my closet.

This brings me to another frustration. As a youngster Diva became attached to one of her many blankets she received as a newborn. It also happened to be the MOST EXPENSIVE, and most difficult to find blanket. (For a reasonable price!) After being dragged through mud, stores, food and several airports and after washing it thousands of times it has become a sad, tattered rag. So I decided to buy a brand new one......the EXACT one, thinking she won't know the difference. I guess I take my daughter for a dunce because she wanted nothing to do with new, beautiful, fluffy pink blankie.

So I have resigned to the fact that I must live with these very hideous but extremely loved "gifts." She is currently napping with the both of them.

*DUB is the butt of many jokes in my family. My brother likes to say, "Someone turn on the oven!" When we walk into my parents' house. He believes DUB is possessed and well, I kind of agree with him.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am going to sue Our Best Bites

That's right. You know how those fat people sued McDonalds? Well I am going to take action against Kate and Sara, creators of the heinous blog.

Some may ask, Why Carly? They have such great recipes and they are so helpful not to mention very pretty and have very cute kids.


They have caused me to consume an obscene amount of chocolate chip cookies.

I have searched for years and years for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. During this time I have tried hundreds of recipes and have baked THOUSANDS of cookies. My sisters can all attest to this as we were united in this grand effort.

Well folks my search has ended and it has produced the most delicious chocolate chip cookie EVER!!!!

Even my dear husband who, sadly, will usually only eat about 2 cookies of the entire batch leaving the rest for me to away exclaimed, "Honey, you've done it, you've perfected them!" (Of course I quickly corrected him and said, "NO NO NO I shall take no glory, the glory belongs to Our Best Bites!)

My sister said, "Those are the BEST cookies I have ever had!"

I said, "I am going to stuff my face."

"I wanna COOOOOKKKIEE!!"-Diva

So whatever you do...DO NOT go to their blog and print out their cookie recipe located under desserts, the consequences are too harsh to describe. You will be in a cookie coma.

*I stole this picture from their blog because I have no pics of my own cookies. Why? Because well, I ate them all. Duh.*

P.S. Their tomato soup is divine!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Man's Man

Presently my Hubby is at Barnes and Noble hoping to shake the hand of this man:


Monday, May 5, 2008


Well now that I have TWO hands to type with I can update this blog with pics from the Zoo last Saturday. It's funny how, as parents, we get excited for outings like this in a whole new way. I was so excited for Diva to see the animals. She loves pointing them out in books and on TV so we finally took her.

Apparently summer has decided to shove spring aside because lately it has been waaaay too hot here.. Instead of a fresh, cool spring breeze at the Zoo we were greeted with sweltering heat so we only stayed a couple hours.

Who the heck would pay $2 for a green plastic giraffe?Hubby.

Diva has no qualms about taking off by herself in a strange place. This is an almost everyday occurrence. What happened to stranger anxiety???? Or how 'bout separation anxiety?? Nope, not MY child!

Lil' Sis loved the zoo as well. Her favorite moments were the eating and the sleeping.

It was so hard to get good shots of Diva near the animals because the place was a ZOO, yes pun intended! Evidently there was nothing better to do last Saturday so everyone flocked to see caged, over-heated animals. And because I do not speak Spanish it was a little hard to ask someone to move out of the way so that I could take more pictures. Harsh???? NO....true??? YES!


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