Saturday, October 29, 2011

I attempted a five minute photo shoot of the girls in their costumes before our ward party.  It quickly escalated into a wrestling match. This is what little girls in the 50’s did.  Right? 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Patch

  We have quite the famous patch around here.  People come from miles around.  Maybe because it’s in the middle of nowhere but still.  We have even seen a few celebs!  Cha Chi, Kevin from the Backstreet Boys, Angelina Jolie (okay no…she probably has her own pumpkin patch…in France…on the Eiffel Tower.) and my personal favorite…Buster Bluth.  But this year we didn’t go on a Saturday (can you say PSYCHO).  My sister and I went earlier today and enjoyed the beautiful weather and of course the pumpkins. 





Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Diva is crazy specific about how her hair needs to be every day.  Today was half bun on top, then pony tail, braid, pony tail on bottom.  Some days she gets all kinds of psycho and requests like…20 different braids, all individual sizes.  I draw the line on that.

Me thinks she will be quite a style icon as she gets older.  I am very much not into accessories, or excess anything but Diva enjoys layering, tying, knotting, mismatching and accessorizing up the wazoo.  I actually have to make it a point to buy her extra knickknacks to adorn herself with so that I can nurture her love of style which she absolutely, positively did NOT learn from me.

A long while ago, a friend of mine saw Diva dressed in a princess dress, going to preschool.  She has two boys and said, “My husband said that if we ever have a girl, she is not allowed to dress like that.”

I just laughed.  And laughed.

Good luck Heather!  Winking smile

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comical…but is it?

Husband and I have been discussing Diva’s anxieties.  It’s a little over the top.  She gets worked up over little things very, very easily.  Sometimes it’s almost funny but most times it’s holy-crap-frustrating.

Case in point:

She has a good bye routine down to a science.  It has to be done at bedtime, at school and when Dad leaves for work.  It  goes something like this-

First is a round of blowing and catching kisses…called “catch the kiss.”  And if it’s Dad saying goodbye before work, he has to do a funny tie trick first. Then….

Diva: Good bye!

Us: repeat

Diva: I love you!

Us: I love you TOO.  (It has, HAS to be I love you TOO…not I love you.)

Diva:  See you later alligator!

Us: repeat

Diva:  See you later crocodile!

Us:  repeat

Diva:  See you later!

Us: Repeat

Diva:  Bye!


Nothing can be altered.  We veer off the path of this script and we pay for it.  Dearly.

While I understand that many children have their little routines, I believe hers is heavily laden with some unexplainable anxiety.  If Dad is running late in the morning and forgets part of this routine she will run…screaming down the street and will be inconsolable for the next 15 minutes.  I actually am starting to feel for her because I don’t think she can help it.  So we’ve been researching ideas to help her cope.  Poor girl. 

I’m beginning to realize that most of her poor behavior stems from this general problem; that she can’t control her anxiousness.  Because she is truly the sweetest, brightest, most caring five year-old I know.  I don’t worry at all how she’ll be with her new baby brother. She will be his second mother.  No doubt.


Monday, October 17, 2011

I just can’t help myself…

I see light, I see cute kiddos and I snap away…

I’m going to be known as “that one aunt with the camera.”

  ace1 ace2-3

“I know I put that binky somewhere…”

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Traditional camping.


It’s our fourth year driving up north and camping for a few days at our favorite spot.  I very much enjoy this tradition.  It’s such a fun getaway.  Away from computers, from emails, from Facebook (no, we’re not cool enough to have smart phones), away from all secondary responsibilities and just be a family.  We always go with Nee Nee and Papa and this year we brought my younger sister and brother. Loads of fun.  Too many s’mores.  Lots of laughter.

divaplay mdance

I always say this but the beach could not be more perfect for children.  The possibilities are endless and they are in their element.  I love seeing them so excited.  I love, love, love the beach. 


This was quite the crabby beach.  Big ones, small ones, some that will practically dig into your skin.  Ah well.  Just another “toy” to play with!

diva footprints

I am a fan of all kinds of camping.  But with beach camping we are enjoying the surf and sand from sun up til sundown and the kids’ boredom is non existent.


I have also said this before as well but Nee Nee and Papa are the ultimate in-laws.  I just don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing people in my life and my kids’ lives but I know it’s not always the norm.  We love them! 



Random couple at the beach who no doubt were waiting for our little “brood” to leave so they could have some serious alone time.  But hey, let’s just pretend that’s the husband and I whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.  It could be….right?


This, however is legit.  The husband is an only son and he and his dad have a great relationship.  It makes me so, so excited for this little boy and his father to have the same.  Such great examples he will have!

bacon cooking

Food tastes better when you camp.  (Yes that is bacon, yes I hate bacon, no I don’t discriminate when I take picture of food, especially when men are cooking it.)

cind  taddjen

diva2 divahair-2 

My siblings were so awesome.  The girls’ had a blast hanging with their uncle as he took them deep into the water and let the tide splash around them.  He built sand castles with them and indulged their active imaginations. 

My sister was equally awesome.  She offered to do things like brush Diva’s hair to save us all from the hellish screaming and torment that would have otherwise been mine (and all the other campers).  It sounds so melodramatic but I kid you not I speak the truth.  And I endure it every day of my life.  And for reasons I can’t understand Diva saves the tortured freak outs for only me and does things like….smile when others untangle her locks.  divahair


But by golly I still love her.

msweep msweep2


We also keep the girls busy by telling them to sweep the dirt.  Genius no?

mbike munch

She’s a mischievous little thing but I just can’t get enough of her!



Sunsets are the best part.  Diva decided that the sun needed to know how to spell her sister’s name and proceeded to yell it out at the top of her lungs.  I’m sure we ruined some romantic moments for other onlookers.


And now I mention the (mostly) not pictured:

Coons.  Raccoons.  Rummaging through our campsite the first night, opening the cooler and eating a dozen eggs.  Shells and all. 


Coons.  Raccoons.  Coming into our TENT. In the middle of the night.  Three of them, searching for who knows what.  Being closest to the door (there was a separate partition) I had the lovely task of shooing them out.  The little buggers.  Apparently they can weasel their way into the tiniest of openings. Beware.  My sister asked why I didn’t scream.  I don’t know.  I just freakin wanted them out so I could get some dang sleep!

Skunks.  Non smelly ones thankfully.

A whale.  Yup!  We saw it a few times in the distance, slowly coming up for air and whapping it’s huge tail.  It was pretty cool.  

Dozens of dolphins, some of which put on a body surfing show.  The show offs.

Lots and lots of seals.

Too many s’mores.  Did I mention that?  Waay too many. 

Until next year!


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