Saturday, June 30, 2012

What’s up

We are enjoying ourselves.  We spend time outside, swimming and playing, going to summer camp and snuggling our baby.  We are having campouts in the back yard with Daddy and getting far too much sun.  Here some random pictures to sum up this past week…

My parents’ house.  Getting into the patriotic spirit.



Guac with some homegrown produce??  Yes please. (you can stop drooling now)


Can’t get her out of the pool, hence the tan lines and 24/7 swimwear. But my gosh, isn’t she just the cutest??



We headed down to the beach to hang with cousin A.  I loved that he plopped right down on the rug and let me take a few pictures of him and his beloved toothbrush. 

2012-06-29 12.51.37

And of course..the beebs.  My dad said he doesn’t look too thrilled in the picture.  I tried telling G-man to gear up for an instagram picture but he wouldn’t listen.


Kelli said...

Love those pics! Seriously, love em. And, I'm jealous of your produce and M's tan.

Ashley and Blake said...

I seriously was drooling over that guacamole. And it's sunday so I can't go get the stuff to make it! Darn you! Your kids really are so cute!

cristine said...

Your parents house is so adorable. Love the 4th of July!

Anthony and Rene said...

love all you pictures! also i want to follow you on instagram...what is your screen name? (if thats even what it's called)


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