Saturday, June 16, 2012

My heart


It’s hard to explain, without sounding like my head is about to explode because of all the cheese….but…I have the best family.

No, it’s not always a picnic.  We get grumpy and tired and hungry and the kids fight and bicker and kick and bite and there’s even some yelling involved. Sometimes it’s a picnic with giant fire ants destroying your will to live. <---sarcasm

Yet every night I go to bed and pour out buckets of gratuity to my Heavenly Father for the other humans in my life. I can never tell Him enough.  I am so blessed.  More than I could have possibly imagined.

And one of those other humans is my husband.

My kids are lucky.  They have scored a rockstar Dad.  A Dad who takes them on one-on-one overnight backpacking trips (ask Diva about that one!)  A Dad who teaches them how to hit a baseball.  A Dad who wishes he could be the one to take them to gymnastics.  There are trips to get ice cream, breakfast and movies.  A Dad who has taken them on more hikes than I can remember.  They have a Dad who tells them almost every day, “I wish I could stay and play with you!” 

He’s a Dad who remembers to bless the “cheercho’s” in the morning, to have family prayer and will put on Diva’s socks and shoes while she’s eating so she won’t be late for school.  He’s a Dad who will work in Diva’s classroom on his day off and help prepare a Valentine’s day party.

He’s a Dad who takes G-man after his morning feed and hangs out with him while Mommy sleeps just a little longer.  He’s a Dad who will put G-man back down for a morning nap, put a show on for Munchkin so Mommy can sleep just a little longer.  momma’s gotta get her rest, yo.

He is, in a nutshell…the heart.  My heart.  The glue that holds us together.  We can’t live without him.

Happy Father’s Day!

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ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! New follower via email :-)


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