Saturday, June 9, 2012

Four months



Four months. 

He is a peanut.  22% for height.  27% for weight.  But that means I still get to enjoy the leg chunk and double/triple chins.

The happiest, smiliest baby you ever did meet. 

Loves his feet.  And his hands. Tries to suck on his fingers all day. 

Adores his sisters.  Even when they come barreling into the room, smother him with kisses and scream in his face when he inevitably grabs a hold of their hair.

Has the crappiest cradle crap.  I’ve scrubbed it so many times and it comes right on back.  What GIVES?

Love this boy.


KickButtMommy said...

Aw, I love him.

Ryan said...
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Lindsay said...

I am dying over that swing picture! SO STINKIN' CUTE!! And, yeah, cradle crap--J is finally over his. I'm sure you've done the olive oil thing. Aquaphor? Grease that little head up. That seemed to help.

Rachel Ann said...

Hey Carly... Yes... I stalk your blog. Your kids are super cute and your pictures look really good. If we lived closer I would totally have to take a family picture for us. :) I know you are more into natural stuff, so you totally don't have to try... just thought I would share. :) My oldest had cradle cap really bad and the doctor suggested using head and shoulders. You have to be really carefull not to get it in their eyes, but it cleared it up really fast. Good luck! Congrats on your sweet little boy.

Rachel (Wilson) Hicks :)

Aly said...

Can't believe this little munch is 4 months! I've loved being able to spend all of this time with him! I just adore him. And when Ev had cradle cap, i used organic almond oil and scrubbed it. Cleared up right away. I know what what thing works for one baby, doesn't for the other, but just thought I'd share :) Cradle cap and all...I still love the little guy!

Hays said...

that chin!!

TheKeilShpeel said...

He is such a cutie!!


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