Friday, June 1, 2012


What’s that phrase?  Payback is a youknowwhat?

Diva had been begging and begging and begging for a camera.  She wants to use mine but I have a small heart attack every time she carries it away from me.

So I told her if she earned it, I would get her a camera.  Every day for a week I gave a 5 circles for doing what I asked: listening, cleaning her room, getting ready on time, being nice to her sister.  If she got 5 circles she got a star for the day.  If she got 7 stars, she could get her camera. It was awesome.  Of course I had to remind her about the camera every five minutes once in awhile to help her stay on task but I will definitely say she earned it.

And guess what?  I have been having to say cheese about oh…every two seconds. 

1 comment:

Alisa said...

She wants to be like her momma. Let me know how you like that camera. Sammy really wants one for her birthday. Just not sure if I should get that one or a cheap digital.


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