Friday, July 6, 2012


Hands down my favorite holiday.  There is no pressure for gifts, for baskets or for secret whatevers.  Just plain ol’ celebration.  Just good fun, food, family, friends and FIREWORKS.  And the obvious fact that we have the freedom do all these things in the best country in the world.  See?  Nothing beats the 4th of July.  Mad props to our founding fathers for signing that declaration in the summer so that we can party in our swimsuits and chillax in the warm evening sunlight. 

Ironically it was almost chilly on our 4th but I am  Usually it’s unbearably hot but 80 degrees and a cool breeze?  I’ll take it.




We had lots of cute babies around.  That adorable little zebra toy came all the way from Ethiopia.  To G-man with love from Nee Nee.

And the food? Mmmmm the food.  Do I think it’s funny that we celebrate our independence from Great Britain with the usual…Mexican food?  Are we the only ones? 

Not gonna lie, I am famous for my guac.  It’s amazing.  You’d be hooked.



KC made lava flows (sans the liquor). Ooooh my gosh.  So good.  To die for.  I was impressed.


And I’m so sad because these cuties (along with their crazy haired little sis pictured at the top of this post and their parents) are moving all the way across the country.  Who knows when we will see them next! 



I just don’t know if this kid gets enough attention.  With grandma and grandpa. 







We love America!


Jennifer said...

Huh. I've never noticed it before, but we always do Mexican food for Independence Day as well. It just makes sense. It's summery and relatively easy. Oh, and would you care to share your amazing guac recipe? Or are you so fantastic at it that you just eyeball it? Either way... someday, somehow I'd like to try it :)

Alissa said...

I agree about that guacamole, it looks absolutely delish!
Seems like you all had a great time!


KickButtMommy said...

Your guac does look amazing. And so does your 4th. I love it too!

Becky said...

oh carly, i love u! these pictures made me smile just now. yes lets talk about that guacamole and those drinks for a moment, shall we??!! i mean.. those drinks!!!! heavenly.
we miss u guys. and u are a rad photographer. the end.


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