Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On my bed

10 pm.  He fought sleep for a good hour after he was bathed, changed and fed.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Why wouldn’t he sleep? He’s usually so good about going down.  Pop in his binky and he’s out.

Not this night. After rocking him, shhhshing him and trying everything else I finally thought, “well, I’ll nurse him again.”  And he was finally content.  And I lay there with him holding his little fingers and smelling his sweet baby skin.  This.  I want to freeze it. I want this memory to live forever in my mind. 

My little baby boy, my first son, sleeping peacefully on my bed.


Country Guy & Asian Girl said...

LOVE. Growth spurt? He needed more milk1 :)

Lindsay said...

Ughhh, this almost made me cry. I hate, hate, hate how fast they grow up. Babyhood, especially, is so, so short!

debora said...

Yes it is. You'll never regret holding and cuddling your little ones in your bed. It's a fleeting moment.


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