Monday, June 6, 2011

We get restless

diva-1  missm-1


It kills me not having a backyard.  There are those days that I just want to be able to get stuff DONE and not have the girlies all up in my grill or fighting or screaming or continuing to ransack the house.  I wish I could just shoo them outside without the need to have my eyes on them every second.  However being the hyper-paranoid parent that I am, for fear they will be snatched up by some scheming, vile, scum-of–the-earth,  it’s just not possible right now. (But in a few months it will be!!!!!  Yay for bigger house and cheaper rent! boo to the moving part!)


So we end up doing a lot of bike riding.  I made the mistake of taking off Diva’s training wheels to help her figure out her balance.  I seem to always forget that me+teaching her a new  I might just have to have a neutral third party come in and take over, or just defer to Dad.  So back on they went. 


Also, the words, “Stop picking the flowers” are always on the tip of my tongue.  They pick the poor flowers and surrounding plants to make various princessy, girly things or use them to make “dinner.”  If we happen to be outside when the landscaping company shows up, we run like heck.  flowers2-1


We do things like play in the back of my car.  For some reason they find this thrilling.  I think we need to get out more.




And when I finally just can’t take it anymore, we head to the grandparents’. 

bball-1  Totally just realized the watermarks are on these pictures and absolutely too lazy to re-export them sans watermark. 



I get to sit back, relax…


…and the girls have their uncle, Will, make them silly snowmen out of homemade playdough. 

Did I mention I can’t wait to have a backyard again?  I CANNOT WAIT!!!


KickButtMommy said...

I feel ya girl! I remember all too well living on the 3rd floor of a condo building in the GHETTO where I didn't feel safe to go outside with my lil uns. Not to mention shlepping up 3 flights of stairs with 2 kids and a baby. I am excited you will get a yard and more space but have to protest the way you are going about it (leaving our ward).

Nate said...

i enjoy sicking back and relaxing as well

Lindsay said...

Ha ha, Nate.

That all sounds familiar. I often wonder what our landscapers think about the spots where the grass is dug up or the leaves torn off the trees.


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