Thursday, June 30, 2011


I’m back!  I know you missed me.  But hey I’ve been quite busy.  I’ll show you…


              A baby blessing for my nephew.

               cind-1  njump-1

Some football snap tutorials for my sisters and lots of jumping around.


Some games.


And grilling.

chalk-1  tman-1

             divachalk-1 lchalk-1

And lots of chalk. 


No no, he doesn’t have some strange liver disease, he’s just covered in yellow chalk.



Working hard on their enormous bus.  Diva is actually in the middle of instructing me, “Not to look because it’s a surprise!!” 


My sister stayed with her kids for awhile after all my other family members left so we continued the fun.


So there was definitely some beach time.

                  rub-1 dig-1


Back off buddy.


One of the days we went we encountered a slight…ahem…contamination problem.  These signs were posted every few feet all over the sand.


As you can see the kids heeded our words of caution.  Sike.  I kept waiting for them to contract some deadly illness when we returned home but thankfully it didn’t happen. Stupid sewage.


Oh this boy.  Yum.

   cousins-1 cousins2-1

And then, unfortunately, the cousins left so I made them pose one last time.  Notice the two messy faced ones in the middle.  And it makes me feel better actually because my sister and her husband are notoriously clean.  I don’t feel so bad about Munchkin’s chocolate face.




So now, I’m left on my own to entertain these ones and the best I can come up with in this heat besides the beach and pool is of course some fro yo. 

              gspoon-1 sprinkles-1

  IMG_3590  IMG_3592

There you have it. 


Kathleen said...

you're right. i missed your blogs, but happy to know you spent those non-blogging days wisely. you have a beautiful family!

lovinglife said...

So fun Carly! We are just getting back from Utah. Call me when you do fro yo. We love golden spoon. And let's plan a beach day! With no sewage. Darcy

Lindsay said...

Awww. This makes me sad. It was all so fun. Cute, cute pics.

Oh, and maybe Luke was messy because his dad wasn't around?

TheKeilShpeel said...

Love family time!!!


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