Saturday, June 4, 2011

Freeze Frame


I’ve shared a lot about Diva on this blog, her antics, her ‘isms’, her photos, her videos. I’ve shared a lot about what frustrates me and the difficulties we’ve had in trying to “get along.”


But as year five is both slowly and far too quickly melting away, she is becoming one of my most favorite people.  And of course, that sounds silly because our children should always be our favorite people right?  Oh definitely not.  Ask any mom.

So I’m saying miss Diva is changing, which in turn is changing my attitude toward her.  She has been more helpful and less demanding.  She has been so much more loving, caring and kind.

I see it in the way she hugs me tight and tells me she loves me, when she explains how much she’ll miss me when I’m gone (no I’m not dying, just when I leave the house), in her overall attitude when she attended preschool, her love for her friends, her determination and intense focus when she’s creating a masterpiece of art for whomever had been on her mind that day.  Just last week she busily prepared two beautiful, heartfelt cards, most of the words she sounded out herself, scoured the house for random yet meaningful little gifts, wrapped them with minimal help from daddy, placed them in her favorite princess bag and asked if we could deliver it to her “Best friend, Beaumee.”  Beaumee was her adorable little Korean friend in preschool. She will be attending a different elementary school and unfortunately we will rarely see her again.

I drove her to her house and Diva very firmly told me that I was not allowed to come with her to the door as she dropped off the gift.  She wanted the whole thing to be 100% her idea.  Which it was. 

And later when Beaumee’s mother called and the two girls spoke to each other, Diva beamed with pride. 

At her preschool graduation, the teachers handed out little “awards” for each child’s unique talent and personality.  Diva had received, “Talented Artist and Sweetheart.”  Sums her up pretty well.


I just love seeing the evolution of her maturity, her sense of self-awareness and the world around her, her curiosity and imagination and her love for others.  I love my little Diva!

Now this girl on the other hand…



Lindsay said...

She is a special girl. Excited to see her soon!

Kara said...

I LOVE this post Carly. I love the way you write, and I love that things are getting better for you with her. I agree. I think we always love our children, but we don't always like them, lol. :) It is fun to see the people they become.

Kelli said...

She is indeed turning into quite the sweetheart. You forgot to add how much she looooves the babies. I love our heart to hearts and her company when I'm feeding Ace.

Cindy said...

She really is a beautiful girl inside and out. I love watching her grow up.


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