Thursday, June 2, 2011



The wind is awesome.  It slammed a door on my finger. 

I feel like I can handle pain pretty well but holy $%*&# @#*$&@*#$*@ this hurt like hell. (That rhyming was unintentional) I screamed and almost hyperventilated and would have probably reacted with much more gusto had my 5 year-old not been standing two feet away.

No, it’s not broken. 

Yes I blogged about this.  For posterity (almost said prosperity, maybe money would actually make it feel better.)

So for now, my middle finger is out of commission and as a friendly PSA: don’t ever slam your finger in a door. You’ll regret it.  I promise.


KickButtMommy said...


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Morgan -Ing said...

Ouch! That looks horrible, did it turn the nail black and blue too? That hurts the worstest.


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