Saturday, August 22, 2009


Spent three days...three childless days alone with this man.

Saw two movies. Went out to eat every night.

Felt like we were dating again. Held is hand. He opened doors.

Worked out together, went to the pool together.


I highly recommend it. Just with your own man (or woman).


The Greenwoods said...

How fun! Good for you guys! It's always a little weird at first for me to do stuff with Andy without the boys. It's always eerily quiet! I'm almost positive that at any moment--they are going to jump out and ruin the moment! Haha! Hope you guys had a great time!

Bree said...

Sounds like fun! If only I had someone to watch Elle so we could take a staycation. I'd have to go to Cali to have my mom watch her, so I guess that kind of defeats the purpose. What a great idea!


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