Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Fun

I love being with my little family. Four is such a great number so we are trying to take advantage of the nice even number of our family before we decide to add a fifth and throw off the balance.

We love to go on bike rides and strap the kids in their trailer. And now we can hike with both of the kids. We just scored a great deal on a second Kelty backpack off Craigslist from a woman who used it twice. I'm still pretty proud of myself for finding it!

The kids love it as well. They are up high on our backs and can see as far as they want. We received about 5 different comments from passer-by's about the packs. People were amazed we could wear them and hike at the same time. I think Kelty should sponsor us.

I'm not gonna lie, my hubby is pretty attractive wearing this thing.

I love posing next to markers.

We took advantage of the pleasant summer evening and let the kids run around after the hike. I couldn't help but snap pictures of one of my favorite subjects. Look at those baby blues.

Best of all (aside from buying the pack) this fun was FREE. We are always trying to think of things to do as a family that won't cost us money. In the end these outings always turn out to be the most memorable.


Bree said...

I can't wait until it cools down enough for us to start hiking again...if only we had the mountains you guys do! Aren't those Kelty's the best ever? Not that I use it much because I make Lance carry Elle, but he says they're pretty great.

I think you may have found a new career in posing next to markers!

Lindsay said...

Ahh, yes, four is a nice number. Five is a little insane.

From the pics, at least, I think you made the right choice in chopping the mullet. Now it's kind of pixie-ish. Cute. And that's a nice, cute pose by the marker. Your Pilates workouts are good for something, I see.


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