Friday, August 14, 2009


Five years ago today I was walking out of the temple. I had just gotten sealed for time and all eternity to the most amazing man I had ever met.

My friend decided one day that I go should go on a date with this guy. I barely knew him. His sister was friends with my sister but that was the jist of what I knew of him.

It was a triple date. He was so polite. I thought it was strange. He opened doors for me. I thought, "Guys actually DO this?" He also teased me about wanting a lemon in my water at Chili's (he now asks for one too whenever we go out to eat!) I kept thinking that he was too nice. Where's the edge?

After the date he asked for my number. I gave it to him thinking he probably wouldn't call. He called two days later. He left a message. I was unsure about calling him back but my friend harassed me until I did. He didn't answer but as soon as I finished leaving him a message he called back. He asked me out again. Our next date was surfing. He taught me out to stand up on the board. I got up one time out of the 8 times I tried. He was so patient.

We continued to date on the weekends. Four months into our relationship he asked me if I wanted to go with him to Ethiopia. Uh...yeah. Sure? Why not? So we went, with his parents and about 25 other people. It was there that I knew I was going to marry him.

Helping his mom in the medical tent.

On an 8 passenger plane back to Addis Ababa. That would be Ethiopian Diet Coke we are drinking. Thirty minutes after this picture was taken, I barfed. So romantic.

Our whole group. Us in the middle. Gee whiz we look so young.

After that trip we both went back to school in Utah where we continued to "court" for another 6 months until he decided he was ready to commit. :)

We were engaged.

And married three months later.

Had two beautiful daughters.

And still remain best friends.

He is an incredible listener and communicator. He is hilarious and witty. His sense of humor is in fact what made me fall in love with him. He is an amazing father and a hard worker. He can strike up genuine conversations with strangers off the street. He makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when you are talking to him. He makes new friends easily but never forgets the ones he has always had.


He changes diapers. Poopy ones.

I love you honey! Our marriage is not perfect and we are not perfect people but I know that you are perfect for *me.*


The Salvesens said...

Wow 5 years! That's crazy! Congratulations! I remember when you guys were dating and Kelli and I thought it would be awesome if you got married...and well you did. So thanks! I also remember the day he was proposing, Steph wanted to steal your flowers that he got for you. She was also trying to steal your hubby almost fiance at the time. Well, have an amazing anniversary! Love you guys!

Scott and Kathy said...

Love Casey's hair back then. What girl would go to Ethiopia? Have fun celebrating your anniversary.

Ben and Alex Brown said...

Congrats!!!! Happy Anniversary!

Diana said...

Thank you Carly for being the best wife to my one and only son. You two are a "match made in heaven" love you. D

Lindsay said...

Cute story! And, yeah, you looked sooo young!!

Sometimes I still think, "Carly married Casey Bingham, that kid from high school who was a grade younger than me?! Weird." I'm glad you did--you guys are great together.

Vanessa said...

Love the pics, so cute! Happy Anniversary!

Rob said...

Lindsay, I think the same thing, except I think "Carly married that kid from my class who road the fire truck because he was on homecoming court. Weird."

Amber + Jonathan said...

Congrats! I love that I can completely remember that first date. Who else was there with us? Funny that it was me and Trevor Rich!!! Anyways, I love knowing you two! You're an amazing couple. I feel lucky enough to have been there since the start! Again..CONGRATS ♥

Bree said...

Happy 5 years! What a jerk am I? I totally talked to you on the phone on Friday and didn't congratulate you. Sorry. Happy belated 5 year Anniversary!!!! I hope the concert was fun!

The Greenwoods said...

Congrats! What a fun story to read! You and Casey are perfect for each other. Glad we can see you guys from time to time!

Tori Whitmore said...

Such a sweet love story, Carly. You two are perfect for each other and you make gorgeous babies!


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