Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Full circle and dreams

This is the scene I see by my bedside every night.
Then I have flashbacks of doing the same thing in my parents' room on a regular basis.
My dad likes to tease me that I slept in their room until I was 14. Not sure if that's entirely correct.
I actually don't mind Diva in our bedroom much. She doesn't protest bedtime when I agree to her sleeping in our room. And I am all for one less battle.

This morning I awoke to her crying, in a half-asleep sort of way. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she wanted to ride in the blue truck that Daddy was driving but he drove away. Later she elaborated that he also drove on the grass and into a house. I guess dreams aren't supposed to make sense. Still cute nonetheless.

Then there's Lil' Sis' (you can't tell in this pic but I indeed cut her mullet off)
She likes to sleep shirtless. It's so friggin' hot.
She wasn't happy being awoken by a flash. I wouldn't be either.

I love to watch my girls sleep. Their calm and peaceful faces remind me that they are truly little angels from Heaven. And I am forever grateful for those reminders. He knows I need them.


debora said...

These pictures do bring back so many memories. I'll never regret having sweet, sleeping babies in my room at night.

Bree said...

Diva's dream is too funny. Casey shouldn't have driven off without her though. That wasn't very nice.

I like lil sis' hair cut. You did a good job!


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