Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So after reading my friend Kate's blog about forwards I HAD to post here saying one thing:

I LOATHE forwards. Seriously, seriously, seriously I do not like them. There are only a few exceptions when I will actually open them and read them and they are as follows:

-My sister, mom or husband sent it to me. They know I hate forwards so if they are sending me one, it must be worthwhile.

-The subject line says, "OPEN THIS AND READ IT."

Pretty much other than that if I see FW:Fw:fw: in the subject line of any email it is the words of Homestar.....DELTEETED!!

So far, from breaking thousands of email chains, none of these things have happened:

-I have not died
-An anvil falling from the sky has not landed on me
-My house has not caught on fire
-My 3667 boyfriends have not broken up with me, although I wouldn't give a crap if they did.
-Most people still care about me despite my not forwarding emails
-I am still a good person
- Amazingly, good things still happen in my life even if I don't sent those stupid things on!

In turn when I actually DID forward emails, back in my naive high school days (and trust me, the SAME emails are STILL circling!) these things did or did NOT happen either:

-I did not receive 5 million dollars from Bill Gates or AOL or Yahoo or whomever.
-The little girl is probably still waiting for her [insert organ] transplant.
-The @#)(* punchline to the joke never showed up even after I sent it to 7 + people.
-I did not receive a call at 10:54 pm from one of said 3667 boyfriends telling me he loved me and wants to marry me.

So before you go on and click that FORWARD TO ALL button just think, 99% of those people on your forward list have already seen the cute bunnies, kitties, doggies, or the hilarious jokes about Bill Clinton or Hillary or Bush, or the silly video of idiots hurting themselves, or the lame jokes about men vs. women, or the crazy (DOCTORED!!!) pictures of airplanes crashing in someone's backyard, or even those stupid jump-out-and-scare-the-poo-outta-whomever-is-sitting-near-the-computer forwards, or perhaps those pseudo heart-warming forwards with pictures of beaches and angels...yeah......seen those too.

So now you know, forwards are the root of all evil.


jenbulkley said...

That is so funny because I hate forwards too. I erase so many unread forwarded emails every week, I am there with ya

Kate said...

See, Carly. This is why we are friends. Cute kids, hate forwards, love Arrested Development.

Bob C said...

Nobody has ever forwarded me a thing, and thousands of girlfriends have dumped me even without forwards.

Bob C

Cindy said...


KC said...

nice post honey. now if i can get you to ignore the phone ringing at dinner time, it is usually telemarketers. They are just as annoying.

I think we should start a movement about halting forwarders, can we stop texters and cell phone talkers while driving while we are at it??

Alisa said...

I delete every forward. I hate them too. I still can't believe people fall for some of the things.

Lindsay said...

Well put. I'm quite glad to see that you read forwards from ME.

What I REALLY think is dumb is those forwards that are really about something nice, an inspiring story or what not, but then at the end they say "If you want there to be good in the world, forward this to 20 people. If you don't care about good in the world, then don't. It's your choice", or something like that--some kind of guilt trip. LAME! I automatically delete the email after that and don't pass it on.

B Family said...

Amen Sista! I don't even open them either, instantly hit delete. is there ANYONE out there that enjoys getting these and opening them? And if they do, do they realize when they hit forward, they are not only wasting their precious time, but everyone else that is the unfortunate recipient? Ugh...

debora said...

My sentiments exactly Carly.
What I'd like to know is who are these thousands of girlfriends who have dumped you Bob?

Carly said...

Yeah....who the heck LIKES getting forwards? However I currently have 3 people in my life who KEEP SENDING THEM!!! WHY???

Lindsay-I know...those are the pseudo heart-warming ones I was talking about.

Mom-I was wondering the same thing about dad's girlfriends. Does he have tatoos with their names as well??

Matt and Carolyn said...

Forwards suck! I totally agree...soo annoying!

Bree & Lance said...

So basically you're saying that you don't have a STRONG opinion at all about forwards. I will be sure to include you in all of forwards I send from now on!! JK

I HATE them too. I sit next to a girl at work who seriously sends me ten Jesus forwards a day. I love Jesus and all, but it makes me mad that I'm working hard and she has TIME to send all of these. grrrr.


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