Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Party Time!

Diva is two years old! Where does the time go? We had a fun day, although it started out a little not-so-fun (for mommy at least.) This morning I had to start off Diva's day with a time-out after she slapped her 4 week old sister in the face (purposefully!!) Then, being the sweet, caring, generous mommy that I am I decided to take her to Jamba Juice. Although this is strictly a daddy-daughter outing on daddy's days off. She even said, "Daddy...Jamba!!!" How dare I infringe on her dates with daddy!! She didn't protest too much so away we went. I ordered her a Strawberry's Whirl and we walked outside to the amphitheater to hang out on the steps. She then decided to trip and fall off the top step directly into a pile of mud sending her Strawberry's whirl onto the hard concrete. Let me tell you it is pretty difficult trying to console a [VERY MUDDY] 2 year- old whilst carrying a newborn in a sling along with your diaper bag and your 2 year-old's baby doll. I carried her to Starbucks, cleaned her up in the bathroom, ditched any last efforts of trying to be a "fun" mommy and left. Nap time soon followed.

We managed to salvage the rest of her day by throwing her a fun little party at my parent's house. (thanks mom and dad!) Nee Nee and Papa joined us and Diva was SPOILED ROTTEN by the MANY MANY presents she received. Book, puzzles, clothes, sunglasses, TWO lawn mowers, lip-gloss were among the list of gifts. However the present she was most excited about was this;

Nee Nee and Papa gave her a bike just her size! She LOVES IT!!!

She DID love her books as well....

But this dang bike stole all my gift-giving thunder (kidding Nee Nee!)

And of course had to throw in pics of the newest little one.

Diva reveled in the spotlight (what else is new??)

And proudly showing off her sweeeeeet new sunglasses Gamma gave her.

All in all it was a fun night and I'm grateful to have family so close by to share these moments with us. Diva is surrounded by a lot of love and attention so I don't feel too guilty leaving her for 10 minutes to watch Blue's Clues while I feed my other daughter. :)


Kara said...

How fun (well, after all the craziness of the morning at least, lol)! She is so big and so cute. I can't believe that Maya is already 4 weeks old! She's so cute too.

Jae said...

Aww please tell me where those sunglasses are from, they are awesome!

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

Hilarious. Especially the part about the slapping; that's a total girl move.

Rob & Janelle said...

You are a funny blogger, Carly. I very much enjoy your writing. A +.

Haha, feeling like an English teacher. Cadence is such a doll. I love 2 year-olds, despite the stigma.

And Blue's Clues for 10 minutes? I'm impressed, Jett is averaging 3 episodes a day while I nurse little one. LOL. What can I say, she's a Chunky Monkey.

Lindsay said...

Great story about the Jamba and the mud. The best part was knowing that DUB (I'm assuming it was her) was right in the thick of things.

I felt quite the pang of jealousy when I read that last part. Sigh. You are very lucky.

Like I said on the phone, Maya looks to be filling out. Good job. She sure is cute!! Cam you just make her stay that way until I see her?

jenbulkley said...

I am so glad that I was able to see your children at the wedding. They are super precious. Everything seemed to be going great!


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