Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Request for more pictures!

Without further ado here are a few more pictures.

Diva is very intrigued by this new addition. She's very loving albeit slightly abusive. She's always saying, "I kiss it! I kiss it!"

Little angel. She's adorable right? You better agree with me.


Cindy said...

haha.. I can just imagine what you guys are saying to Cadence in those first two pictures.. "Cadence, be soft, be soft."
I love the two pictures of Maya.. you can see her perfect little nose and her perfect little lips that are made for lip gloss/lipstick/chap stick ads. haha

debora said...

I agree Cindy. Maya has perfect little twin peaks lips. Cute sisters-can't wait for Carly to dress them alike. Aaaah, memories.

Lindsay said...

Yes, she is adorable--ADORABLE! And I shouldn't have jumped the gun and said she's looks like KC because in those pics she looks like Carly. Probably a good mix. Sigh. Wish I could see her in perons. Guess pics will have to do for now!

P.S. Carly, sorry if your cell phone woke you this morning at 6:15AM--that was just Luke calling to say good morning. Guess I shouldn't give him my phone to play with while I'm still dozing in bed.

TR said...

I love that 3rd picture! She truly is adorable!

Bob C said...

Great Pix.

Proud Grandfather.


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