Monday, April 7, 2008

Owies and coots

A couple months ago Diva was officially welcomed into toddlerhood/preschoolerhood by getting her first "real" owies. She ran out into the street making her poor pregnant mother (sound familiar mom??) run after her and she fell hard on both knees and acquired some pretty decent abrasions. Of course we captured it on film. She screamed for all of 5 seconds but stopped once she realized she was getting "ban-yays." She was SO proud of them. However to this day she still believes she has "owies" on her knees and will kiss them herself.

The other day we went to a nearby man-made lake in the middle of an apartment complex to see some ducks and coots. Coots are apparently very much hated by the residents because they poop everywhere. They migrate to this place in the spring and summer. The residents want to kill them but then you have issues with animal right activists. For now though, they serve a good entertainment purpose for a 2 year-old.


Marisa said...

Carl you already look skinny again... what the heck. I am jealous of your hot bod!

Morgan and Derek said...

Way to rock that moby Mama!

TR said...

I love reading about Cadence! So do you guys live in a house or an apt.? And I can't believe you're already out doing things! I like to stay in the house for a few wks. after I have a baby. (Maybe that's bc NE weather STINKS!!!!!)

Kelli said...

Cadence is hilarious. She must take after her aunt Kelli.

Jordan, Annie & Allie said...

Carly, I found your blog through Jill's, gotta love blogstalking (hope that's okay!) Congrats on your new baby, super cute! Looks like both our girls are pretty close in age. Cadence is so cute and reminds me a lot of my Allie. Check out our blog,
-Annie Marsden (Clark)

Lindsay said...

Aww, Cadence--she always makes me smile.

And, yeah, you do look quite skinny already--way to go! Don't waste away on us (do I sound like Mom?).

AND, so that's a Moby? Do you like it? Does Maya? She looks quite snug. Yay for baby wearing!

P.S. I'm so glad you have a blog.

Lindsay said...

Oh yeah, and question: why aren't you wearing your hat, too? You and Cadence could have been twiners.

debora said...

My thoughts exactly Lindsay. Carly does look great and Cadence never fails to amuse. In Casey's words-she's always a crowd pleaser.

Snow Crew said...

Hi Binghams! We found you, creepy huh? Congrats on the new little girlie she's a cutie. Garrett and I are in town this month and we would love to see you. Love- the snows
p.s. glad you finally decided to get "trendy" how else are long distance friends suppose to stay informed?


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