Monday, May 5, 2008


Well now that I have TWO hands to type with I can update this blog with pics from the Zoo last Saturday. It's funny how, as parents, we get excited for outings like this in a whole new way. I was so excited for Diva to see the animals. She loves pointing them out in books and on TV so we finally took her.

Apparently summer has decided to shove spring aside because lately it has been waaaay too hot here.. Instead of a fresh, cool spring breeze at the Zoo we were greeted with sweltering heat so we only stayed a couple hours.

Who the heck would pay $2 for a green plastic giraffe?Hubby.

Diva has no qualms about taking off by herself in a strange place. This is an almost everyday occurrence. What happened to stranger anxiety???? Or how 'bout separation anxiety?? Nope, not MY child!

Lil' Sis loved the zoo as well. Her favorite moments were the eating and the sleeping.

It was so hard to get good shots of Diva near the animals because the place was a ZOO, yes pun intended! Evidently there was nothing better to do last Saturday so everyone flocked to see caged, over-heated animals. And because I do not speak Spanish it was a little hard to ask someone to move out of the way so that I could take more pictures. Harsh???? NO....true??? YES!


AHEM said...

is that the LA zoo? we went last year and honestly, did you think that it needed a little help?

oh little maya is so sweet. we can't wait to meet her. i think we'll be in scv again for the 4th of july. will you guys be around?

Lindsay said...

What, you didn't pick up enough Espanol in Cancun to say get the heck out of the way?

I love Maya's little round face. Wish I could see her in person! And Cadence is looking more and more grown up. Fun times at the rundown LA Zoo. (CO doesn't have much up on CA, but Denver's zoo is WAY better than LA's)

Rob said...

Cool pictures. Looked like fun. But it seems in every bunch of pictures you have one that looks like it was eaten by Photoshop.

Carly said...

Haha Hayley yes the LA is a little pathetic. One of these days we need to go to San Diego...I hear it's world's better. The LA Zoo is kinda like everything else in LA...ghetto.

Rob-I have no idea why our pictures do's strange. Maybe it's because the pictures are too big?? Any thoughts?

jenbulkley said...

We went to the zoo too! And it was crowded as well. Yuck. You are a good writer! I always get drawn in to your stories immediately! Oh ya, and I remember the plastic green giraffs as a kid too, they always started to melt because of the heat.

Rob & Janelle said...

I lol at your caption under the "green dinosaur." Rob is the same way. He opts for the useless *cheese-factor* when he buys souvenirs.

I love Maya's little outfit. What a doll of a baby.

debora said...

Carly you forgot to mention that the creature Cadence loved most at the zoo was the beetle on the ground.
Cutie girls. You too KC.

Cindy said...

cute pics. I was waiting for some new ones for so long! I've been checking every flippin' day and finally here they are!
haha.. Cadence is so funny. She did the same thing in Mexico. She always wants to run off and do her own thing. Diva in the making. I am training her well! I'm Cindiva.. and she can be Cadiva! ahaha.. I crack myself up sometimes.

Kimley Olson said...

carly!!! i LOVE reading your blog - it's hilarious! and your children are quite adorable!! and also, yes i am going with ascend and right after i read your post i went and found diana (who I met the day before and thought she looked slightly familiar but didn't remember why...but then again it had been several years) and told her i was your cousin! i hope i didn't surprise her too much by going into her office and excitedly telling her i was related to was just a fun connection. she's awesome. and i am SO excited for ecuador! that's awesome you went to ethiopia with them!!

Bree & Lance said...

I miss your girls like crazy!!! I know I'm an aunt, so I only see them a few times a year after nap and feeding time, but I think they are hilarious and perfect! I wish more than anything that we lived closer to you guys.

We need to teach you some more bad words in spanish.....they work a lot better than 'excuse me, would you mind moving so I can see.'


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