Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Happies



  One of my little happies (definitely not a word, I know.) is going to Costco.  I don’t know what it is about that place but it’s akin to Disneyland. For starters, it’s almost as big.  And the free samples?  Unbeatable.  Scoring an entire yogurt is almost like winning the lottery.  I went through the entire first three years of my marriage never having stepped foot in a Costco.  I don’t know how we survived.


Every time I make a run, I always always pick up a rotisserie chicken. It doesn’t matter if I have absolutely no plans to include it in future dinners because it will surely become ravaged in the following 24 hours.  My girls beg to pick it apart and stuff the flesh into their mouths.   I’ll be honest, we’re like a pack of hungry hyenas devouring a poor chicken carcass. 

After I’ve grabbed a rotisserie chicken I also buy frozen mixed berries, baby spinach, avocadoes, fresh blueberries, organic milk, pistachios, strawberries and when they actually carried them, uncooked tortillas (sad day when I realized they did not have them anymore!).  Of course these are just a few items I routinely buy, but they are some of my favs!

IMG_4643    IMG_4502

Another thing I’m loving right now is this cute little pot of flowers we brought back from my friend’s AMAZING surprise couple’s baby shower.  Seriously, the host of that party went all out.  It was right up there with a wedding reception. 

I love Munchkin’s bright blue eyes (and yes, she managed to find those darn things right when I was going to take her picture.)


I adore this movie.  It’s safe to say it might be my favorite.  I love me some Finding Nemo but Tangled is…well…so FUN.  Rapunzel is adorable, Pascal is the cute little sidekick and Flynn Rider ain’t so bad himself.  The songs are awesome, especially “I see the Light.”  Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are perfection! And of course the colors, the graphics and the dialogue all make the movie what it is; a funny, light-hearted, romantic and endearing little film.  Dang.  I should be getting paid for this.  But for real, if you haven’t seen it, stop what you are doing right now and go out and purchase it.  It’s worth every penny.                                      


    munchkinbath-1    divabath-1

Happy is clean girls.  With the weather warming we spend a lot of time outdoors which means the girls (read: Munchkin) are in dire need of baths every night.  Happy is having clean, warm, running water. 

And most especially,  Happy is General Conference!  How blessed we are to be able to hear the prophets and his apostles speak to us twice a year.  And there is always something that pertains to each one of us.  My favorite today was Dallin H. Oaks.  Hubby says he’s the man because he mentioned Aron Ralston.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s addresses! 

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steeevNlizzy said...

Yeah, I loved this movie. A bunch of classmates from school worked on this. Glad you enjoyed it, can't wait to get a copy of the movie as well.


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