Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair (grrr….HAIR!)


If you see me out and about with this little girl, and her hair is a crazy mess, don’t judge.



Because let me assure you…I tried. 


debora said...

She looks very much like Casey in that first pic. She is so stinkin' cute!!

Carolyn said...

She is so cute! But she looks so much different to me with her hair all pretty. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her without it down and crazy :). She's adorable.

KickButtMommy said...


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia, Naomi} said...

that is some serious 'tried'. she is adorable!!

TheKeilShpeel said...

that's mad skills. At least it looks cute for a few minutes :)

Lindsay said...

I agree, she does look different with her hair all in place. So grown up!


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