Monday, April 18, 2011

I told her so…


My kids have made it a (very very annoying and obnoxious) habit of not listening to me.  In one ear and out the other.

They also have a habit of holding things out the car window.  Yeah.  Blankets, dolls, toys..whatever.  Apparently it’s exhilarating.  They scream with glee when the wind catches whatever object they’ve decided gets an adrenaline rush.  It’s weird.  I know.

And guess how many times I have said, “Don’t do that….you’re going to drop it out the window and I’m not going back to pick it up!”

A lot.   

So…Saturday we’re heading to the beach (on a 65 mph highway mind you).  Diva decides it’s Etch a Sketch’s turn.  I’m enjoying a conversation with hubby when we hear a loud “BAM!” as the Etch a Sketch hits the side of the car and out onto that very busy highway, followed of course by full blown hysteria. 

Think she learned her lesson?

R.I.P hot pink Etch a Sketch.



Carolyn said...

Oh man! This is why I keep my windows locked. (Luckily I have a control for that on the driver's panel).

One time, I saw a lady playing with her wedding ring out the window, and she dropped it while driving!! She did stop to try to find it, but couldn't. Yikes.

KickButtMommy said...

Do you ever watch The Middle? HILARIOUS! Miles and I are still dying over something they said the other night.
Wife "I hate to say it, but....."
Husband "Just curious, but how much do you have to hate to say something before you actually DON'T say it?"

Morgan -Ing said...

Ditto Carolyn, we don't let them near the windows. :)

Lindsay said...

How convenient that you had a picture of Hot Pink Etch-a-Sketch before this occurred. Hmmm. I suspect a conspiracy here.

Carly said...

Funny you should say that Lindsay. I really did have a pic of that etch a sketch before it fell out. I was practicing focusing. Ironic right?


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