Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Ramblings

1.toes (1 of 1) Yesterday I was in relaxation heaven.  Massage, facial, pedicure all thanks to my hubby (no he didn’t actually DO all those things..just bought me the getaway)  And yes I have long toes.  Get over it.

2. Casey 5  Isn’t he the most ADORABLE little five year-old you have ever seen? And it’s still crazy to me how much Munchkin resembles him.  P.S. Check out that awesome home-cut mullet. 

3.  By the way I have to register Diva for KINDERGARTEN!  Pardon my language but how in the hell did this happen??

4.  Munchkin is handling the potty-training process really well.  The first couple days I was up to my armpits in poopy underwear (sweet visual right?) but she soon figured out that the toilet is where the poop goes.  It’s been nice not having to change diapers.  Really, really, really nice.  Did I mention it was nice?  Cuz it is.

5. Diva gets in these “silly moods” and it drives.me.insane.  It’s pretty much one of the most obnoxious things on the planet. No joke.  I become invisible to her.  She won’t listen to a goshdarn thing I say and no amount of begging, pleading, sobbing or threatening will snap her out of it.  I just have to wait until she grows tired of it.  I can’t really say specifically why it’s so annoying.  It just is.  Believe me.

6. If you haven’t already seen this then by all means, take the time and watch it.  It’s hilarious.  And no, I neither endorse nor condone toddler alcoholism.


7.  The other day I asked my Laker-obsessed teenage brother a “Would You Rather” question.  I asked if he would rather make out with a rather unfortunate-looking woman or Kobe Bryant.  His response without hesitation, “Kobe Bryant.”  He will never live that down.

8. This morning I slipped and fell while stepping into the shower.  How old am I, 80?!


These are evil in a bag.  I made the mistake of buying some last week and by the end of the first day I felt as if my blood was made of chocolate and yet I still wanted more.  I haven’t bought any more bags.  Yet.

10. Diva asks me approximately 76 questions a day.  Weird questions like, “What’s inside peas?”  Ummmm….?

11. That’s all I got.


KickButtMommy said...

A day at the spa? NICE! Your toes are cute. Your brother is hilarious. And kindergarten. Yeah, it's just plain weird.

Marisa said...

What IS inside peas?

Random "brain dump" posts are my fave.

TheKeilShpeel said...

wow..MUnchkin really does look like her daddy. Crazy.. Isn't it crazy about kindergarten. At least you know where she is going? I don't even know where to start since we have no idea where we will be. It's stressing me out. Is kindergarten really supposed to be this stressful?. way to go on the potty training too.

Nathaly said...

I laughed so hard at that video. Marcelo loved it, too.

Lindsay said...

Not as long as Cindy's.

noland4 said...

Ok, so I finally decided I would comment on your blog. That video is SO hilarious!! We must have the same type of (sick) humor. I was laughing so hard I was crying - always a good thing! If you don't mind, I may steal this and post it on my FB page...we'll see. THanks for sharing!


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