Saturday, July 24, 2010

We like the beach

We really....really like the beach. It is truly one giant playground.

My younger sister and her hubby live literally 200 feet or so from the sand and water. So a couple times this summer we packed up and crashed at their place.

Diva is in imagination heaven. She runs in and out of the water, grabbing pieces of seaweed, talking to herself, skipping rocks, building mermaid tails, etc.

And miss Munchkin...she enjoys the beach as well but her exploration of the water is experienced vicariously. She demands, "DOWN....BEACH!" But really she means, "Pick me up! Take me down to the water! But don't put me down! I just want to see YOUR feet get wet!" So we stand and hold her while she gleefully watches the tide wash over our toes.

It doesn't hurt that the sand and sun completely exhaust my children without any exertion on my part.

And just for jealousy purposes this is the view from their family room. Yup, that is the pier.


Carolyn said...

Jealous!! I miss the beach.

Lindsay said...


Vanessa said...

How fun for you guys to be able to go stay. So lucky! SO LUCKY!

Kelli said...

Yes, it is a tough life we live. Jk. You guys should come back. It's so eerily quiet after you leave, I wonder why...


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