Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My parrot


The other day I overheard Diva singing a song to her barbies. It went something like this:

I'm just so exhausted! I'mmmmm just soooo exhaaausssted!
You're just making things WORSE....worse....I'm just so exhausted!

And so on and so forth.


Not only that the other day I was talking to my sister in-law and I said something along the lines of, "Yeah...blah blah....kick your butt."

And from the other end of the room I hear this little scolding voice, "MOMMY WE DON'T SAY BUTT!"

So I tell her that, "sometimes it's ok if mommy says butt."

She sighs, rolls her eyes and mumbles,



Becky said...

haha, that is awesome!

Lindsay said...

What the crap did you do to your blog url? It won't show up on my reader anymore, even when I go back and switch it back to binghambonanza.

The Salvesens said...

HAHAHA! That is hilarious! Love that little Diva. Can't wait to see her in August!


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