Saturday, July 31, 2010



There is a paradigm shift happening in our home.

Miss Munchkin formerly known as little miss pleasant has taken on a new nickname. The PILL. As in, "Don't be such a pill!"

I know I know....she's two. Don't get me wrong she's had two year-old moments earlier on but as of late it's as if something inside of her snapped: I must be whining, crying, fussing, hitting, biting, slapping more often!

However it's quite difficult to punish someone so adorable. Timeouts are heartbreaking for me as I sit there and watch big crocodile tears slowly blaze a trail down her cheeks.

But I'm happy to say that Diva (more on her in another post) has been soooo much better these past few days, hence the paradigm shift.

Love my girls but they sure can take me on an emotional roller coaster!


danielle*scott said...

Ugh! I'm struggling with Owen lately too. Must be an age thing!!

Lindsay said...

Didn't I talk to you about how I typically have a "favorite" child and it switches depending on what kind of phase they're in? Maybe it's Diva's turn now. I'm not sure who the favorite for me is right now--maybe Ruby because she slept ALL night long last night w/o any attention from me. Yes, it's true!!!


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