Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yankee Doodle

Currently my two favorites. Subtle yet delicious!

For some reason I'm on a candle kick.

Moving into a smaller place has ignited (no pun intended) a desire for my little home to smell nice at all times. It makes it feel more inviting, more loving, more calming.

Yankee candles are currently my favorite. They have wonderful, yummy smells. But I have to be careful. The wrong smell could trigger a massive headache accompanied with nausea. (Edit: NO not pregnant, just sensitive to certain smells)
Anything florally or perfumy is out of the question. However even the mouth-watering baked good candles can affect me. I made that mistake bringing home a Blueberry Scone flavor. It smelled great in the store! Within 5 minutes of lighting it I thought, "Oh heck no, no no no...this has gotta go."

So I returned it and they were so nice about it. I brought home a new favorite: Coconut Bay. It takes me back to Kauai where hubby and I spent our honeymoon.

So my question is, what is your favorite candle? Any scents I should sniff out? I'm always on the hunt!


Wyatt and Kat said...

I use tahitian something or other in the bathroom. it's more of a "fresh/clean" smell. :)

In the rest of the house, definitely coconut. :)

The Marsden 4 said...

I agree, love a nice smelling home! I'm on a Scentsy kick, I'm pretty sure it's an Idaho/Utah thing but I love that I can change the scent everyday if I want!

And just for the record I totall agree, LOVE fresh/clean/tropical smells, makes me want to vomit with floraly, cinnamony smells!

Briana said...

Are you pregnant or just smell sensitive? I can handle most smells, not that I enjoy them all, but during that first trimester this time, it just wasn't easy!

The Wifey said...

Nope Briana, def not pregnant! :)

Melissa said...

So, it isn't Yankee Candle, but my FAVORITE candle is from the store Anthropologie and it is called "Volcano". It smells SOOO good, and the smell really fills the house, not just the three feet surrounding the candle!

Stringham Family said...

I personally love the clean cotton. I can't get enough of it. It makes me feel like my house is clean even when I know its not. My fall favorite is pumpkin spice. I actually use that for any day that is colder or gloomy.
Bath and body sell a flavor called velvet tuberous it is a nice change.


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