Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bed Head

Last night I tried. I tried really hard. I put in a good effort.

I took away the bink. I was so fed up with the whining I found all the binks and cut off the tips. Then I threw them in the trash.

"They're broken!"

She screamed a good long while. But then she went to sleep. Praises!

And then 2 am rolled around. I hear her pounding on her door, high pitched wailing with random, "Nigh Nigh's!" mixed in. I stumbled out of bed, memories of midnight feedings flooding my brain.

No way am I sacrificing my sleep for this nonsense. NO. WAY.

So I found the back up, stuck it in her mouth and all was right with the world. She went right back to sleep without another peep.



Diana said...

No fair. Cadence is 4 and still has a thumb. Casey was 3 1/2 when he gave his up and it was not a big deal. Nee Nee says give it to her.......or else.

Melissa said...

Good try. Nicholas was 3! It's not like you are one of THOSE moms that let their kid have the bink till they're like 8. You know those moms? They still give their kids a bottle till they are 5-6? As long as Maya doesn't take the bink to kkindergarten-you're good.

Lindsay said...

Just save it for bedtime (and naps). Say no and be strong at all other times.

TR said...

Haha. That's a tough one. But I think sleep is MUCH more important. My first two had one until 3 or so. They are both perfectly fine and have no teeth problems or any other issues.

hays said...

i would have done the exact same thing. a mom's sleep is like gold!


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