Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nee Nees

I adore this woman. Really I do.

I seriously lucked out in the in-law department. I could not have conjured up a more perfect family to be stuck with for eternity!

We call her Nee Nees. Or Nee Nee. The name stuck when Diva was teeny tiny.

Nee Nee is such a giving and selfless person. Her sister has been battling cancer for several months and Nee Nee is there by her side as often as is humanly possible. Yet this beautiful woman still makes time to be with her grandbabies, to hold them and kiss them and read to them and take them to movies and teach them and play with them and spoil them rotten. My girls are in love with her. Plain and simple.

Not only is she such an amazing grandmother but she is an equally amazing mother in-law! She doesn't have a judgmental bone in her body and gives advice only when asked! She is easy to talk to, fun to be around and so very likable.

I mean it's no wonder I love her son so much. He has inherited many of her characteristics!

We love you Nee Nees, just wanted you to know!

yes I used a lot of exclamation points in this post but I just wanted to get the point across! !! !!!!!


Vanessa said...

You are so lucky! She is one fantastic lady!

Wyatt and Kat said...

I know how that is. I feel the same way about my mother-in-law..just Mom now. :)

jenbulkley said...

She really is great. She has the role of grandma when she is here. She has taken this role so willingly and we are greatful. my kids adore her.

TheKeilShpeel said...

She is also soo giving in so many other ways as well. She is amazing. I've always admired her.

The Salvesens said...

Yeah, she's pretty great isn't she :) This was a sweet post Carly. I love my mom.

Sophia said...

I love explanation points!!! She is such a great person, I've always looked up to her and her cheerful disposition!!

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

I've only met her once, but was completely impressed with her... what an incredible woman! :)

{Hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog roll. Also, thanks for sharing that story about my sweet Jakey boy. He has such a tender heart.}

Megan Walker said...

I kept waiting for her to post before I did because I didn't want to embarrass her, but she still hasn't posted..... I just want you to know that I was at her house with her when she found this post, and she was so blown away and touched..... it just meant the world to her Carly. She loves you guys SO MUCH.

Amanda Howell said...

I completely agree. She is one of the most amazing women I know.


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