Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Magic Jack

 * I do not represent Magic Jack nor have I been asked to promote their product.  I am simply a mom who likes to save money and tell my friends how to save money.*

So I don't usually try to sell people on products but I can't not say anything about this one.

Hubby heard about Magic Jack and said we should try it once we move.  We had been paying $30 a month for our landline and felt that it was just too much money.  
So I perused through the Magic Jack website and thought, what the hey, let's try the 30 day trial.

Okay I promise you that nobody NEEDS a 30 day trial of this thing.  It hooks up directly to your computer, installs in about 5 minutes, gives you a new number and you're good to go.

  • You can't keep your old landline number.
  • It only hooks up to computers and not to phone jacks in the wall.
  • $$$$$$-It is only $40 for the entire YEAR plus $20 each year after that.  
  • Long distance, local, call waiting, caller ID is included in the price.
  • Super easy to install

Now I realize that only super old school people still use landlines but I need one for several reasons:
-peace of mind (What if cell phone reception isn't working? What if I can't call 911 from my cell?)
-baby-sitters.  For the same reasons above.
-saving minutes on my cell phone
-what if I lost my cell? What if I forgot it in the car?

So yes there are still reasons to keep a landline and if you're considering getting one then seriously think about the Magic Jack.  So worth the price.  


Rob said...

Do you leave your computer on all the time then?

The Wifey said...

Rob-we put it on sleep mode during the night.

Emili said...

I had a friend that had Magic Jack (this was about 2 years ago - so hopefully its better) and it drove me CRAZY because she would cut out all the time and sometimes I couldn't hear her well. I also tried a VioP service called Packet8 (like Vonage) and it gave me the same trouble. It was SO SO SO FRUSTRATING. It was worse than my cell, would drop calls, sometimes they would hear me without me being able to hear them, or I wouldn't hear it ring and think it wasn't working when it was. I had so many problems that I finally gave up and got a land line. Hope you don't have those problems! It probably wouldn't have been so bad if it was just for personal use, but I was trying to run my Pampered Chef business and it gave me all kinds of headache! I want to hear an update on how you like after a few months!

Briana said...

I have a cord phone in my closet, and a land line is non-electrical, so in a serious emergency we would be reachable. That is the only reason why I stick with the old fashion landline, especially cuz I'm super frugal. Let me know if I'm wrong about any of that... I'm ok with being corrected.

TR said...

I've been wondering about that! Are you still liking it? I see the low-budget commercials frequently and keep thinking about trying it out.


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