Thursday, May 15, 2008

What the crap??

I realize I say, "What the crap" too much but whatever, I'm still saying it because I always and because I like to say it. Right Lindz?

So the purpose of my post; someone please explain to me why it feels like THIS outside-
When it is actually supposed to look and feel like THIS-

And if you say global warming I'll punch you, or make you come over and watch my 2 year old when she's missed her nap.


Bob C said...

That was kind of random.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. (Honoring the recent Cal Supreme Court decision).

debora said...

And today is more of the same. Yuck!

Carly said...

Dad are you channeling Seinfeld?

Lindsay said...

Carly, face it, it's an inconvenient truth. The libs will take care of it.

It IS better than SNOW and/or 45 degree highs. (Although this weekend is supposed to be quite pleasant for us)

AHEM said...

spring no longer exists as a season

Jill Newbold said...

Amen. Just walked outside for lunch and it's 107 here. LAME! Hey, btw - I'm going to be in CA this weekend. I want to come visit!


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