Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am going to sue Our Best Bites

That's right. You know how those fat people sued McDonalds? Well I am going to take action against Kate and Sara, creators of the heinous blog.

Some may ask, Why Carly? They have such great recipes and they are so helpful not to mention very pretty and have very cute kids.


They have caused me to consume an obscene amount of chocolate chip cookies.

I have searched for years and years for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. During this time I have tried hundreds of recipes and have baked THOUSANDS of cookies. My sisters can all attest to this as we were united in this grand effort.

Well folks my search has ended and it has produced the most delicious chocolate chip cookie EVER!!!!

Even my dear husband who, sadly, will usually only eat about 2 cookies of the entire batch leaving the rest for me to away exclaimed, "Honey, you've done it, you've perfected them!" (Of course I quickly corrected him and said, "NO NO NO I shall take no glory, the glory belongs to Our Best Bites!)

My sister said, "Those are the BEST cookies I have ever had!"

I said, "I am going to stuff my face."

"I wanna COOOOOKKKIEE!!"-Diva

So whatever you do...DO NOT go to their blog and print out their cookie recipe located under desserts, the consequences are too harsh to describe. You will be in a cookie coma.

*I stole this picture from their blog because I have no pics of my own cookies. Why? Because well, I ate them all. Duh.*

P.S. Their tomato soup is divine!


debora said...

Carly, when can you come over and make these delish cookies for all of us?
I'll play with Cadence and Maya while you are baking AND I'll pay for all the ingredients.
So sad that I'm too lazy to make them myself.

Carly said...

Mom, lazy is not in your vocabulary.

Lindsay said...

How funny--I just made these cookies AGAIN today. I think that's 4 times now in the past three weeks. (I try to limit myself to once a week.) And I was planning to post a blog entry about how much I love baking cookies, especially these cookies. We are certainly on the same wave length. Must be all the cookies consumed. (And yes, I eat most of them as well.)

They really are so very perfect. Where have they been all our lives?? Thanks Kate!!

KC said...

Beware, after sampling these cookies you will become a cookie snob. Every time you taste another type of chocolate chip cookie, you will say they stink if they aren't made with this recipe. Just an FYI.

Kate said...

Oh, you guys are too nice to me! :) Thanks, Carly! And if you file a class action lawsuit against me, I'll have to join because I've eaten way, waaaaaay too many of them myself. Embarassing amounts of cookies. Like Sam will come home and say, "Hey, what happened to all the cookies?" and I'll say, "Oh, I gave them to the neighbors!" And it's a lie. I ate them.

Cindy said...

I, being the sister, say, "These ARE the best cookies I have ever had!" and that's the truth!

Shane and Chelsea said...

Girl, I totally know what you mean! My mom made those cookies today...Clearly Amazing!

Lindsay said...

You need to get a new post up here because every time I check your blog and see this post, I want to make those cookies again. Not good for me. Or maybe I just need to stop checking your blog so much.

Carly said...

Yes I know....I'll get a new post up...stay tuned. I have to do it when the kiddos are sleeping. You know how it goes.

Jae said...

I knooooow these cookies are retardedly good. I ate like 30 of them.

debora said...

Carly thanks for making these cookies on Mother's Day. They are indeed perfectly delicious. I'm going to try and save some for the kids when they come home from school today, but I don't know.
We put the recipe in the Crockett Family book.

Kelli said...

Carly, I fully expect these cookies to be waiting for me when I get home on Wednesday.

I'm serious.

No really, I'm not joking.

Kay thanks big sis!


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