Saturday, February 11, 2012



We are smitten.  I love this boy more than anything.  First day in the hospital he was a bit lazy about eating, but now he eats ‘round the clock and is just the sweetest, cutest little peanut on the planet. We are so, so blessed to have him.

Diva could hold her brother for hours.  She is completely in love.  It melts my heart.  Munchkin is more along the lines of, “Whatevs.”

And then there is this furry little guy. Scout is my parents’ new puppy.  Yes, my mom has taken on the adventure of training a puppy.  This is the third lab for our family, two black and one chocolate.  He’s a rascally little thing but so adorable.  Girls love him.  But they like their brother more. 

And now I have three weeks to snuggle my little newborn while the husband has paternity leave and I plan on enjoying every single second.


Rob said...

You mean third lab that is alive. Because I hope you aren't forgetting about Bud.

Paternity leave? That sounds awesome.

Jen said...

3 weeks paternity leave is pretty awesome! How nice that you can just focus on the baby the whole time! Enjoy your sweet new little man!

Lindsay said...

So sweet! Man, I wish I could hold that little babes! And see Diva with him. She's such a sensitive, motherly little girl. So glad Casey will be home with you for 3 weeks. Nice!

KickButtMommy said...

That paternity leave is going to fly by. Eat it up.


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