Thursday, February 16, 2012

1 week +

It’s been over a week.  That flew!

Adjusting has been fine because the husband is still home.  I dread the day he goes back to work.  Because that whole, “Sleep when the baby sleeps” will go right out the window.

G-man is growing like a weed.  He loves loves loves to eat, as a little boy should. 

He also

loves to pee out of his diaper.  I’ve got to figure out the proper “tucking” technique.

loves to party at 2 am.

loves to pucker those adorable little lips

has dark brown hair in the back but will no doubt be a blondie like Miss Munchkin.  Just look at those non-existent eyebrows.

loves to snuggle close to mommy at night

loves to be held

is my favorite little man in the whole world.  Of course.

And for the record, it’s difficult for me to tell who he looks like.  I’m leaning toward the husband but these kids change so much, so fast.  So ask me again in a few months.


Country Guy & Asian Girl said...

so adorable.

Alisa said...

He is so adorable! I say Casey right now, but you're right it changes. My boys always leaked out of pampers. Even if I tucked it. Good luck!

KickButtMommy said...

I think he looks like Munchkin.

Aly said...

I am dying over here! He seriously so cute! I think he definitely looks like KC but with your eyes. I can't get over how handsome my little nephew is. I suggest you guys road trip it out here haha. Hopefully we'll be out there for good in a couple months and I can steal him away from you!

Bree said...

I think he is a perfect mix of you both! SO handsome!

Lindsay said...

He is so cute. So, so cute!! I'm dying to get our little men together. Or to get us together with our little men--because, let's be real, they wouldn't notice each other all that much yet.

Hays said...

He is so KC.

I love him! Not KC, but your little G. I do like KC.

this is getting weird.

your new baby is to die for!!!


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