Sunday, February 19, 2012

The middle

Well I guess it was bound to happen.  Miss M is officially a “middle” child. And the syndrome has been taking full effect as of late. 

She loves her baby brother most certainly but she is also making sure we don’t leave her in the dust.  Today she threw a fit and refused to attend Primary.  She’s been extra whiny, clingy and feisty. 

I have been trying to give her extra attention.  I cuddled with her while G napped and we played Barbies and ate yogurt.  But I know it’s difficult for her to understand why I have a baby attached to me 20 hours out of the day. 

But hey, she had almost four blissful years as the youngest child so I don’t feel all that terrible about it. 




danielle said...

Sounds like Owen on a good day.

Hopefully she adjusts soon. G is so super cute, BTW. Love all your photos.

TheKeilShpeel said...

I am soo not looking forward to this.. If you have any tips pass them down. Hopefully she comes around soon.


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