Thursday, December 15, 2011


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Looks like the dusting elves missed my house.  Slackers.

Some call it fibbing, lying, or perhaps maybe prepping your child for a lifetime of disappointment and depression.

I call it magic.

The little Elf, named Elfy (very, VERY original) is the newest member of our family and it has been wonderful. I cannot tell you how delightful it is to watch Diva’s eyes sparkle when he’s moved to a different location, or how she has precious conversations with him after school.  I love the way she she is so extremely careful NEVER to touch him and asks me if I can hold him for her so she can get a closer look.  She asks him silly questions and waves to him from the other room.  It’s priceless I tell ya.  Absolutely priceless. 

I want my kids to believe in magic.  They’ll grow out of it soon enough and I’ll be darned if I ever deprive them of that childhood rite of passage. 

Munchkin is aware of Mr. Elfy but it’s more of a seehowmuchIcanannoymysisterbypretendingtotouchElfy kinda thing.  Her magic will come next year no doubt.  I can’t wait. 

Bonus?  Diva has been an absolute angel.  But that’s only the icing on the cake.

Click here if you don’t know what the crap I’m talking about.


Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

You got one! Nice. I'm trying it with Ace but for some reason he's not getting it...
I kid. Can't wait to ask Diva about Elfy.

Alisa said...

OH my goodness. Our is Elfy too! We have the same van and now the same Elf? This is crazy!! WE love the elf at our house. Although today was a bad day, like really bad day. So I think Elfy is going to stay at Santa's house for a night so he can tell Santa what happened. He wrote a note for the kids too. It will be a sad at our house.

Nathaly Blalock said...

Lol, Alisa, good plan. I made the mistake last year of not being careful when I put the elf away, and the boys found him a few weeks after Christmas and asked why he wasn't back at the north pole. No matter how I tried to justify it, they came to the conclusion that I bought the elf at the store and that he was not really Santa's helper. Totally blew it. I'm thinking about getting a different one this weekend and trying again so they'll be good for this last week before Christmas.

Brittany said...

This is soo cute! I have never heard of him before. I totally want one! What a fun idea!

brittneyboucha said...

i love the elves coming too!It is magical! Our elves bring 12 different gifts of Christmas for us to give away that day. Ex peace, kindness, love etc. So fun! You getting close to receiving your best Christmas present! Just a little late.


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