Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just have to…

She looked so cute today I just had to snap a few.  And bonus was that she did this all herself.  From the boots all the way up to the headband and randomly placed ponytail.  I love this girl’s fashion sense! 

She’s doing so well in school and is loved by all her friends.  The other day she informed me that a boy in her class doesn’t behave very well. 

“Yeah Mom, he’s a bucket dipper.”

*me trying not to laugh*.  “A what?”

“A bucket DIPPER.”

“Are you a bucket filler?”

“Yes, every day!”

Atta girl!

Speaking of school…don’t tell the girls but I’m having Diva ditch get sick on Friday so the in-laws can take them to Disney on Ice.

It’s going to blow.their.minds.


Lindsay said...

She's so pretty. And she's going to be a trendsetter someday. Maybe she already is and all the girls in her class want ponytails like that.

Vanessa said...

she's adorable!

Cindy said...

She is seriously gorgeous. She is going to get all the boys for sure. Actually, she probably already is.

Brittany said...

she is so cute! great pictures! your kids are lucky they will always have these pictures to look back on!

Aly said...

Okay, that is NOT my 5 year old niece. When in the H did she get so old? She's not a little girl anymore that's for sure. And um...why are they not taking me to Disney on Ice?! Jealous!

Stephanie said...

She is soooooo pretty!!! and growing up way too fast!!


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