Sunday, November 6, 2011


The rain. Obvi.

Diva is getting so.sick. of me taking her pictures.  I don’t get much out of her these days and I absolutely don’t blame her. I would be sick of me too.


But I can still be in stealth mode with a longer lens and not constantly asking them to smile.  Just catching them in their element. 

Today was playing in the rain.  Luckily it stopped long enough to snap a few.  Have I ever mentioned that Munchkin loves apples?  She does.  I have to have them in our fridge at all times. 


I have been doing a couple photo shoots lately.  Most recent is on my photo blog and last night I had a fun time at the beach with my sister and her family.  They are so photogenic it’s annoying.  No just kidding.  I’ll have their session up my blog later.

And hey, even though I feel a bit silly for asking…I think you all should “Like” my photography page on Facebook.  Pretty please?  If you haven’t already that is.  I haven’t been super proactive about promoting my photography business (you know..the whole every mom that has a camera has a photog business negativity out there??) Anyway, I really love photography and I can only take so many pictures of my children. 

Click on my photo blog button on my sidebar and you can follow the link on the sidebar to Like my page.

Thanks peeps.

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Kelli said...

Love the pictures. You're the bestest, for real. And we're not photogenic - you just make us look good.


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