Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Research are asleep. More from me!

You know what I've been researching for the past hour?

Tick bites. Ugh. Why? Because I found one embedded in the head of my one year-old child!

So what did I learn? That there are more than 800 different types of ticks. That the most common in the US carry at least one more diseases such as Lyme Disease or Rocky-Mountain Spotted fever. Uhhh yeah.

Don't worry though I'm not one of those moms who has a coronary over everything. Yes a tick bit is serious but like I said I researched and I called the nurse at the Dr.'s office. We ruled out that it is not fact a deer tick (Lyme disease carrier) that sucked the blood of my baby but probably more of a harmless (yet still gross) tick.

I'm glad I found the nasty thing before I put her to bed last night. Grandma saved the day by getting a pair of tweezers and pulling it out; head attached. It's tiny, no bigger than the letters on my computer keyboard.



Rob said...

Casey should probably stop taking her out to clear brush.

hays said...

so sick.

Bree said...

Yuck. First the black widow and now the tick. How did you get her to sit still long enough to take it out?

Emili said...

Umm, sorry about the tick, but I'm thrilled to find your blog! Tell Casey I said hi!


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