Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little immodesty and a tutorial

One on one times with Diva prove to be the funniest times. Lil' Sis napped for a long time today so Diva and I read stories, watched a bit of Lion King, played outside and then just "talked."

So here's a nugget of our afternoon:

Me: Honey, you need to button your shirt. See look...it's not buttoned. *reach forward to button it*
Diva: NO! I wanna show my boobies.


I'm lying on the couch and I pretend to suck my thumb. Diva is a thumb sucker but only if she has her blanket. It's kind of odd. She seriously never sucks her thumb without her blanket. Anyway so I'm kind of making fun of her and pretending that I'm sleeping. She says, "Let me cover you." She gives me her blanket and I'm all set to "sleep."

She then starts coaching me on how to caress the blanket. Apparently it has to be done in a very precise manner. I scrunch it and it's incorrect. I pat it, a no go.

"Like this mommy!" she stands over me while she demonstrates. She takes my left- hand thumb out of my mouth, replaces it with my right- hand thumb and shows me out to "knead" the blanket.

Got it. I'm such a novice.


debora said...

I'm shocked and amused! maybe you are showing a little too much cleavage. You know kids learn by example. Hahaha.
I can't believe you don't remember the proper blanket stroking techniques from your days as thumb-sucking, smelly blanket loving little girl.

Brittany & Blake said...

hahah - that first part is hilarious! Looks like a fun day at the beach! Is that ventura?

Sophia said...

That is so funny! I just think this is the funnest age ever!! Three is so great!!

Lindsay said...

Whoa!! Where'd she learn that, huh?? Pretty darn funny.

And, yeah, don't you remember the whole blanket thing? You're obviously out of practice.

That little girl really is fun to talk to. I rarely get the chance but it's so entertaining. She's just so expressive and cute.

Shane and Chelsea said...

I'm going to have to agree with your mom on this one! They learn from example...I guess what i'm trying to say is Carly...you're a Hussy! J/K love ya! Diva is too funny!

Bree said...

I am a bit concerned about what you are teaching your daughter! JK That is hilarious! Where do they come up with these things? I hope you remembered the exact way to knead the blankie because I am sure she will be quizzing you later.
P.S. Happy Birthday Cadence!!

The Greenwoods said...

Haha! The "boobies" comment has me rolling on the floor! She is hysterical! What are you teaching your daughters Carly?! Too funny!


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