Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday

No, I'm not going to rap about Chronicles of Narnia.

We took a trip to the beach today after church to enjoy the gorgeous weather. A lazy bike ride followed by a lazy picnic at the park and it amounted to a wonderful day. A few highlights:

Riding in the trailer. Boy was it exhausting.

How can anyone resist that squinty-eyed grin? Oh how I love it.

Sizing up the waves.

"Hold my pants Papa."

Cutie patooties.

I'm pretty much always behind the camera so I forced hubby to snap a few. I don't want to go through pictures in 20 years and exclaim, "Where the heck am I?!!"

A successful day!


Marisa said...

You are cute.

Cindy said...

Baby Sis is SO adorable. Is Diva seriously conked out in those pictures? Haha... so cute.

Lindsay said...

Jealous, jealous, and even more jealous.

Awesome pics. Love the one with Diva on the beach. You should blow up some of your pictures and put them in their room. Lil' Sis is so cute I could eat her.

Bree said...

SO jealous! I had a feeling my parents might have been behind this one. We used to take Sunday trips to the beach ALL the time. I love how Cadence was sleeping. Did she have a giant kink in her neck when she woke up?

debora said...

precious pictures. I love that you and Maya are color-coordinated.
When Dad is no longer the Bish we'll have to make some Sunday trips to the beach. Heck we should just do it now. You're making good memories.

Diana said...

Yeah, I was the offical bubble bottle holder when all of those pictures we being taken. I was attacked by all of the kids around. Great day.

The Salvesens said...

How fun! And I'm so jealous! I miss Sunday, after church beach drives. I love Dive standing there with no pants...typical :) And Lil Sis, seriously, I don't even recognize her! She's growing up so fast!

Sophia said...

I'm with you on that one, I have to ask people to take a picture of me with my kids. I have hardly any pictures with my mom as a kid because she was always the one taking them. So good for you!! Lil' Sis is looking a lot more like Diva, they are so cute!!


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