Monday, January 12, 2009

Multiple Personalities Disorder?

This morning started off not-so-hot. Apparently the 4-hour virus took hold of my Diva. This resulted in vomit all over mommy. Yeah, it was pretty sweet.

She took a good nap;

which proved to be the cure.

"Hey sweetie can you smile for mommy?"

"Uh yeah, um that's a fake smile."

"No I said SMILE."

"For the love of Pete, just smile!!"

"Thank you!!" *I've often called her bipolar but I may rethink my unofficial diagnoses.*


Cindy said...

What the HECK? She looks so stinkin' grown up in those pictures!! She looks beautiful of course, but so much older! I think it's her hair. Did you curl it or something? Man she is freakin' cute. I miss that girly!!

debora said...

What did you do, take her to the salon after her nap? Maybe you should watch the Sybil movie. Kidding! Diva just likes to keep things interesting. Glad she is feeling better

Carolyn said...

Man, I'd take that flu anyday if it made my hair look like that after! She's beautiful! I'm glad it was over quick, sick kids are NO fun.

Lindsay said...

Seriously, did you take her in for a blow-out? My hair has never looked that good after a morning of puking.

The Wifey said...

ha ha...okay okay I curled her hair because it was all crazy after her nap and she was playing with my lip gloss while I was curling it. So there!

Nathaly said...

These are all great pictures but I LOVE that first one!

The Marsdens said...

We've got the barfing thing at our house right now! Hoping it's only 4 hours!!!

Ryan said...

I wish I had hair like that.

wild child said...

Oh my gosh, those pics are ADORABLE!!!
Megan :)


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